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Guided Soft Target vehicle for ADAS testing

            Oxford Technical Solutions (OxTS) has recently provided a GPS-aided inertial navigation system for integration in a new revolutionary piece of technology. Dynamic Research, Inc. (DRI) has collaborated with Anthony Best Dynamics (ABD) to develop an Integrated ABD/DRI Guided Soft Target (GST) vehicle, with DRI being responsible for the design and development of the chassis, and ABD integrating their software and driverless control system technology. As par...

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Position and orientation for UAV helicopters

            OxTS’ GNSS/INS systems are used by many companies in the mobile mapping and airborne laser scanning industry for reliable, high accuracy position, roll, pitch, heading and velocity measurements at data rates up to 250 Hz. Aeroscout in Switzerland have recently equipped UAV helicopter systems with dual-antenna RT3003 systems. The Scout B1-100 UAV helicopter provides a cost-effective and innovative solution for airborne scanning. The Aeroscout Scout B1-100...

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Benchmarking advanced emergency brake systems

Rear-end collisions are the most common types of accidents. The causes range from inattentiveness when the car in front slows or stops; distractions such as mobile phones, eating or adjusting the radio; poor visibility; inadequate distance etc. While most rear-end collisions in city traffic mostly result in minor vehicle damage, collisions on the motorway often result in serious or fatal injuries. ADAC, Europe’s largest motoring organisation, has conducted extensive research into advanced emerge...

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GeoTracker – a new mobile mapping system

            When Magnus Larson, survey engineer at WSP in Sweden, purchased his first OxTS Inertial+ from us in 2010, little did we know about the task that lay ahead of him. Now, a mere two years later, he has developed a brand new kind of mobile mapping system together with a company called Swedvision Automation. The newly developed GeoTracker is no ordinary mobile mapping solution. Not only is it a very reasonably priced and yet highly accurate mobile mapping sys...

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Street Imaging with Inertial+

XLview is a Spanish company deploying high definition street imaging technology similar to Google StreetView with a service called Fotocalle. With the OxTS Inertial+2 system on board the vehicle, XLview captured some 16,000 images during the tests in Spain....

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Real Time Racing with RT products

            Real Time Racing with RT products Over the recent months, OxTS Ltd. has been involved with a new company in the field of interactive video gaming technology. RT3002 Features Watch the video! Specifications GPS dropout resistant Up to 2cm Position Accuracy 0.03° Roll/Pitch 0.1° Heading 100Hz Updates Real-Time Low Latency 2 GB Logging Easily integrated with LIDAR, cameras and other sensors Real Time Race on BBC Click (Click here to watch) Real Time Race, b...

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Navigating autonomous vehicles

          Robust position tracking in difficult GPS conditions The RT3003 system was used to guide MuCAR-3, an autonomously driving VW Touareg, during the 4th European Land Robot Trial (ELROB) in 2009. RT3003 Features Watch the video! Download article (German) Specifications GPS dropout resistant Up to 2cm Position Accuracy 0.03° Roll/Pitch 0.1° Heading Dual-Antenna for accurate Heading 100Hz Updates Real-Time Low Latency CAN Output Wheelspeed/Odometer Input 2 GB Logging...

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Testing Driver Assistance Systems

          Introduction Most new car models boast impressive safety features including brake assistance, adaptive cruise control or lane departure warning. The RT-Range from OxTS has now been used by the ADAC, Germany’s leading motoring organisation, in a unique series of tests to reveal just how well these assistance systems work. Six different car models have been tested and compared at a remote airfield in the south of Germany. The vehicles being evaluated included a F...

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LIDAR Mobile Mapping

            OxTS’s RT3002 and Riegl’s Q120 scanner are perfect for cost effective mobile mapping applications. Mobile mapping, where a 2D LIDAR is fitted to a vehicle, is a very efficient method of surveying. An inertial and GPS navigation system, like the RT3002, is an essential part of a mobile mapping system. In this setup, the Q120 was fitted to a truck with the RT3002. As the truck is driven the laser scans the view out of the side of the truck. By driving up a...

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ADAS Testing

            Introduction In recent years, the automotive industry has been working on the development of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), comprising of all the systems that monitor the environment with the aim of avoiding collisions. Applus+ IDIADA has been involved in defining a systematic methodology for evaluating and validating ADAS, which consisted of designing and performing various evaluation tests under controlled conditions at IDIADA’s Proving gro...

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