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Can you supply extended measurement ranges for the RT3000?

Usually, we usually supply 110°/s units and 100 m/s² measurement ranges. The extended range units are used for racing applications where they need the extra range. The extended range units are not quite as accurate (they are accurate when they are used in race applications, but they are not as accurate when used for vehicle testing – in general the driver is not dynamic enough). We can supply the extended range units at no extra cost.

In production vehicle we have not seen measurements exceeding 80deg/s or 3G acceleration.

The problem of measurement range is not with the sensors, the problem is in the ADC. We use a high-grade 16-bit ADC. The oversampling to 2.5kHz increases the resolution to over 20-bits. Still, this is only just enough for our navigation systems. The accelerometers certainly have a higher performance than the ADC does and could benefit from a better ADC, if only one existed. Therefore it is better for us to use the lower range.

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