Aerial Survey

In aerial applications, finding a system that can accurately measure position and attitude for georeferencing is not hard. But finding a lightweight system that can accurately measure position and attitude without costing a small fortune, and that doesn’t require a team of experts to install and operate is a challenge. This is especially important as the knock on costs of such systems can make it hard to deliver a cost-effective service, increase the time on job and cut margins.

Our products help solve these problems because they are one of the most cost-effective, compact and lightweight georeferencing systems on the market. But cost-effective doesn’t mean sacrificing on accuracy. As well as outputting real-time measurements, post-processing software is included with our systems so RINEX base station data can be used to achieve RTK accuracy. The IMU in our sensors also maintains a highly accurate picture of the host’s position, velocity and attitude at up to 250 Hz. The measurements are intended to be used as a georeferencing datum for other remote sensor systems. Our products are easy to install and operate, and clever enough that they don’t need to be mounted at the precise measurement point.




Today’s unmanned aerial and ground vehicles require compact, lightweight and highly accurate GPS + INS solutions. We have designed the innovative xNAV200 to meet these requirements. The system is designed to deliver superior position, roll/pitch and heading data even in challenging operating environments.



The xNAV500 is a compact, lightweight GPS-aided inertial navigation system, perfectly suited for all applications where size and weight as well as performance matter. It measures position (< 90cm), heading (0.15°), roll/pitch (0.05°) and much more in real-time. Your data can also be post-processed later. It is ideal for use on UAVs and other weight constrained applications.



The xNAV550 integrates dual L1/L2 GNSS receivers for 2 cm RTK position accuracy. The improved receivers also mean better heading accuracy. The xNAV550 is 5 mm taller than the other models and slightly heavier at 425 g to accommodate to bigger receivers, but still matches the other models for length and width and features the same IP65 rated anodised aluminium enclosure.




The perfect route to upgrading your GNSS. Protect your investment and combine your GNSS with our Inertial+. Designed as a drop in component, the Inertial+ blends accelerometers and gyros with data from an external GNSS receiver. It gives smooth, continuous position measurements, even in poor GNSS environments. The Inertial+ is a true Inertial Navigation System at an exceptionally low cost.



The Survey+ is a compact, turnkey GNSS-aided inertial navigation system for providing stable, reliable and highly accurate position and orientation measurements. It is designed for airborne laser scanning applications as well as road surveying and pavement inspection projects. It seamlessly integrates with other on-board sensors like aerial cameras, laser scanners or LIDAR technology.



Airborne imaging
Our direct georeferencing sensors seamlessly integrate with exposure stations, offering up to 1 cm RTK position accuracy and providing precise roll, pitch and yaw measurements.

Remote sensing of vegetation
Georeferencing measurements output in real-time are easily synchronised to external sensors using the event input function.

Airborne glacial monitoring
Although our UAV sensors are small and lightweight to avoid reducing range unduly, they are still accurate enough to produce about 1 m pixel accuracy at an altitude of 1000 m.

Power line and electricity pylon inspection
Our sensors are ideal for power line and pylon inspection as they provide the excellent orientation and velocity measurements and position accuracy in both real-time and post-process.

Lidar mapping
Reliable RTK 1 cm position measurements and precise roll/pitch and heading updates output in real-time provide all the information required to accurately reference Lidar data.

Mapping of coastal lines
RT sensors provide the real-time or post-process position measurements at up to 250 Hz which can be used in mapping applications such as costal line mapping.

Cultural heritage sites or forests
The equipment used to map heritage sites often needs to be portable, easy to use and cost-effective. Both our real-time and post-process sensors meet those requirements and more.

Our sensors provide highly accurate position, orientation and velocity information that can be used to georeference and time-stamp captured surveillance data.

Law Enforcement
With 2 cm RTK position accuracy, and precise orientation measurements, our sensors are ideal for referencing crime scenes and accident scenes, especially near bridges or tunnels where GNSS systems struggle.

Hyperspectral imaging
Accurate position and attitude measurements from our sensors allow direct georeferencing of hyperspectral imaging to be quickly computed thanks to their seamless integration.


High-accuracy time-stamped navigation measurements
Position accuracy to 1 cm
Real-time and post-process solutions
Comprehensive software suite included at no extra cost
High-accuracy pitch, roll and yaw measurements
100 or 250 Hz system
Event input to synchronise with external devices
NMEA output


170_125_AeroscoutairfieldPosition and orientation for UAV helicopters

OxTS’ GNSS/INS systems are used by many companies in the mobile mapping and airborne laser scanning industry for reliable, high accuracy position, roll, pitch, heading and velocity measurements at data rates up to 250 Hz. Aeroscout in Switzerland have recently equipped UAV helicopter systems with dual-antenna RT3003 systems. The Scout B1-100 UAV helicopter provides a cost-effective and innovative solution for airborne scanning. The Aeroscout Scout B1-100....


170_125_ARAUsing RT3003 for Aerial Survey Applications

The RT3003 is perfect for aerial survey applications. The inertial navigation system gives a complete solution for position and orientation. Precision GPS gives very accurate positioning. Dual-antenna GPS means that the heading is always accurate and does not depend on the aircraft’s dynamics. Airborne Research Australia has been using the RT3003 together with their Riegl Q560. They have presented their first pass of the data to us. Hopefully there...



Precise Inertial+ Surveying in Alaska

Support for the Inertial+ in RT Post-process now allows people to improve the accuracy of their GPS post mission and merge it with the Inertial+ measurements. This proved to be critical to a mission by Chris Larsen of the University of Alaska. Chris Larsen uses a Trimble R7 Geodetic GPS with an Inertial+2 navigation system. Real-time corrections to the Trimble R7 are impossible because of the remote locations where he surveys. Instead, the data from the R7 can be collected alongside the Inertial...



Inertial+ used for aerial survey in Kenya

Scandinavian Laser Surveying ApS of Denmark has just completed a very successful survey of land near Nairobi using an Inertial+ navigation system from OxTS and a Riegl laser scanner. Aerial survey near Nairobi A century ago, Nairobi was nothing but a swampland and the only people inhabiting the area were the Maasai. Today, Nairobi has a population of three million people and is one of the largest African cities. To relieve the pressure on the city and stop overcrowding, a new town is being plann...



Airborne hyperspectral imaging in Malaysia

The Forest Department of Sarawak in Malaysia is using the RT3052 Inertial and GPS navigation systems in combination with an AISA Eagle hyperspectral sensor to determine the condition of palm trees from the air. Basal Stem Rot of oil palms is a well-known problem in oil palm plantations in Malaysia. As this common infection can have a negative impact on palm oil production, the Forest Department of Sarawak is now using airborne hyperspectral imaging to assess the scope of the damage. The Forest D...


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