Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

In remote sensing UAV applications like precision agricultural surveys, finding a georeferencing module that is both accurate and cost-effective is tricky. But when you consider how small the new breed of UAVs can be, restrictions on payload, size and complexity make that task almost impossible.

Our products solve these problems in several ways. For larger UAVs our more traditional sensors provide a one-box GNSS and INS solution capable of measuring position, velocity and attitude very accurately, with inputs and outputs that can be directly interfaced to remote sensing equipment. For smaller UAV applications however, we designed a specific module with a mass of just 0.38 kg (reduced to 0.16 kg without its case in OEM applications)—making it suitable for even mid-size UAVs. Despite the small size and mass this sensor still delivers sub-metre accuracy as well as measuring velocity in all axes and attitude.



Today’s unmanned aerial and ground vehicles require compact, lightweight and highly accurate GPS + INS solutions. We have designed the innovative xNAV200 to meet these requirements. The system is designed to deliver superior position, roll/pitch and heading data even in challenging operating environments.



The xNAV500 is a compact, lightweight GPS-aided inertial navigation system, perfectly suited for all applications where size and weight as well as performance matter. It measures position (< 90cm), heading (0.15°), roll/pitch (0.05°) and much more in real-time. Your data can also be post-processed later. It is ideal for use on UAVs and other weight constrained applications.



The xNAV550 integrates dual L1/L2 GNSS receivers for 2 cm RTK position accuracy. The improved receivers also mean better heading accuracy. The xNAV550 is 5 mm taller than the other models and slightly heavier at 425 g to accommodate to bigger receivers, but still matches the other models for length and width and features the same IP65 rated anodised aluminium enclosure.



The Survey+ is a compact, turnkey GNSS-aided inertial navigation system for providing stable, reliable and highly accurate position and orientation measurements. It is designed for airborne laser scanning applications as well as road surveying and pavement inspection projects. It seamlessly integrates with other on-board sensors like aerial cameras, laser scanners or LIDAR technology.



The xOEM500 inertial navigation system from OxTS is an OEM board set version of the popular xNAV500 system. Combining GNSS technology with high performance miniature inertial sensors, all embedded on a single compact board, the xOEM500 delivers a complete navigation solution to system integrators.




The xOEMcore is a combined 6-axis inertial measurement unit and navigation system with sensor fusion in one compact OEM module. In its base form the xOEMcore measures and outputs raw accelerations and angular rates with small, high-grade MEMS gyros and accelerometers. But with a simple upgrade the xOEMcore is turned into a full inertial navigation system, able to take aiding data from external sources such as GNSS and blend it in the on-board Kalman filter. It is ideal for integration inside any solution that requires robust, high-performance position and orientation.

Airborne imaging
The integrated inertial and GNSS sensors in the xNAV remove the need for ground control points for aerial imaging, eliminating the restrictions and limitations of that method.

Remote sensing of vegetation
To make direct georeferencing easier, both out real-time and post-process GNSS/INS sensors have trigger inputs that can be used to easily synchronised data with other sensor arrays.

Airborne glacial monitoring
Although our UAV sensors are small and lightweight to avoid reducing range unduly, they are still accurate enough to produce about 1 m pixel accuracy at an altitude of 1000 m.

Power line and electricity pylon inspection
Our UAV specific sensors are ideal for power line and pylon inspection as they provide the excellent orientation and velocity measurements and sub-metre accuracy without the cost of RTK systems.

Lidar mapping
Reliable position measurements and precise roll/pitch and heading updates output in real-time provide all the information required to accurately reference Lidar data.

Mapping of coastal lines
Our post-process only UAV system has the ability to post-process data using RINEX files to deliver sub-metre accuracy.

Mapping of cultural heritage sites or forests
The equipment used to map heritage sites often needs to be portable, easy to use and cost-effective. Both our real-time and post-process UAV sensors meet those requirements and more.

The small and lightweight nature of our purpose built UAV sensors makes them ideal for surveillance applications where it’s important to balance the requirement for accuracy against visibility.

Law Enforcement
Our sensors deliver cost-effective sub-metre position accuracy in a small package that can be used for georeferencing crime scenes with a reliability that GPS-only systems can’t deliver.


Small and lightweight solution (xNAV200)
Position measured to 1 cm accuracy (DGPS)
High accuracy velocity measurements
Real-time data output
Event input to synchronise with external devices
Distance output to trigger external devices
High-accuracy pitch, roll and yaw measurements
Includes post-processing software
Static initialisation
Consistent, reliable data output
No data interruption during GNSS blackout
NMEA output
Single satellite aiding (tight coupling) for use in urban environments


Position and orientation for UAV helicopters

Position and orientation for UAV helicopters

OxTS’ GNSS/INS systems are used by many companies in the mobile mapping and airborne laser scanning industry for reliable, high accuracy position, roll, pitch, heading and velocity measurements at data rates up to 250 Hz. Aeroscout in Switzerland have recently equipped UAV helicopter systems with dual-antenna RT3003 systems. The Scout B1-100 UAV helicopter provides a cost-effective and innovative solution for airborne scanning. The Aeroscout Scout B1-100...



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