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Accurate tyre slip measurements even in wet conditions — thanks to the new RT-Split

Our new RT-Split is a small and lightweight wheel-mounted sensor that measures tyre slip-angle in all weather conditions with an accuracy of up to 0.15° at 50 km/h. The system comprises an accurate IMU module that is mounted on the desired wheel, while a separate CPU module that houses the necessary processors and GNSS receiver remains inside the car. As the RT-Split uses GNSS and inertial technology (rather than optical input), its measurements are equally accurate on dry, wet or even loose sur...

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New RT Range S—small box, big capability

The new RT‑Range ‘S’ from OxTS is a direct replacement for our existing RT‑Range multi-vehicle tracking system—but in a housing that is nearly 90% smaller than previous models. However, despite the huge reduction in size and weight the new RT‑Range S retains every feature that has made previous RT‑Range models a globally recognised tool in the test and validation of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Measuring just 234 × 76 × 120 mm and offering up to 2 cm position accuracy as well as a...

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Two-month test of xNAV200 proves its capabilities

Size has no bearing on ability as our latest test of the xNAV200 proves. The xNAV200 is our smallest and lightest GPS-aided inertial navigation device—designed for UAV applications that require sub-metre accuracy, but at a cost-effective price. In this real-world evaluation we used an xNAV200 to survey the same road-trip over a two-month period, taking in many conditions from open-sky motorways to narrow tree-lined roads. We then compared the data sets to a reference line to evaluate the lateral...

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Newsletter – OxTS RT-Range for reliable, repeatable ADAS tests

As testing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) is getting more and more complex, car manufacturers need a test system that can perform a wide range of highly complicated tests including multiple vehicles under realistic traffic scenarios. The RT-Range is already the most comprehensive solution used globally for developing advanced driver assistance systems. We strive to make products that deliver the best results possible to vehicle engineers around the world. Part of our commitment to wor...

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ISO 17025 calibration for all OxTS GNSS/INS systems

OxTS has two years of experience with our quality management system and sophisticated calibration process which complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005. OxTS has been awarded the accreditation by UKAS, the only accreditation body in the UK recognised by the government to assess, against internationally agreed standards, organisations that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services. ISO 17025 is the highest level of recognised quality any company offeri...

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NAVsuite software release December 2013 – Full list of changes

Here is the full list of changes, updates, and new features for the latest software release: the new NAVsuite package. New NAVsuite installer With our recent diversification and expansion of product offering, our software package has grown and evolved too. The old RT software suite has been replaced with the new NAVsuite package, which includes some big changes and improvements. New configuration software – NAVconfig The old RTconfig and i+config programs, used to set up and configure OxTS...

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Improved ABD robot interface for EuroNCAP AEB testing

The RT-Range is ideal for performing EuroNCAP autonomous emergency braking (AEB) tests with high precision and maximum reliability. With our latest software, it is now easier than ever to perform all required AEB tests with the RT-Range in combination with robots from Anthony Best Dynamics (ABD). An improved interface now allows data from a static target to be output to the robot during tests. From 2014 onwards, new vehicles need to be fitted with AEB systems in order to receive a five star Euro...

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Define the shape of your test vehicle with up to 24 points

When testing and validating advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) with the OxTS RT-Range, test engineers can now define the shape of a target with up to 24 points. This ensures that the shape of a test vehicle, pedestrian or static target can now be defined as realistically as possible. Previously, the RT-Range software allowed users to define targets as a polygon with up to 8 points. Increasing the number of polygon points to 24 ensures that even complex vehicle shapes can be specified and...

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Newsletter – Is your RT or Inertial+ covered by a Support Contract?

Here at OxTS we take support very seriously. Our customer support is dedicated to helping you get the most value out of your product. Software for our RT2000, RT3000, RT4000 or Inertial+ systems is continuously being updated and improved, providing you with more accurate yet more flexible systems. Our Support Contract is designed to keep you up to date with the latest developments, as well as provide unsurpassed technical support for your products and applications. Make sure your RT or Inertial+...

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Newsletter – Expert inertial + GNSS navigation technology

OxTS offers a range of leading GNSS-aided inertial navigation systems for applications where reliable position and highly accurate orientation data matter. Our systems provide continuous position measurements even in harsh GPS environments and output roll, pitch and heading making it an ideal system for all airborne or land-based survey and mobile mapping applications. With our new software release we have added exciting new features and launched a new software suite which makes configuring your...

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