Oxford Technical Solutions specialises in Inertial Navigation Systems and GNSS technology for measuring motion, position and orientation. Our family of GNSS-aided inertial navigation systems includes a broad range of inertial measurement instruments, suitable for a large variety of applications. We have several support products that help improve the accuracy of our products and make their operation even easier.

Automotive product range



RT1003 The RT1003 is a compact, dual antenna product for space constrained ADAS applications such as VRU tests and low-profile robotic vehicles. Despite its small size, the RT1003 captures measurements with the same reliability as our other INS products, and perfectly suits the requirements of the current NCAP, NHTSA and IIHS roadmaps.

116_RT2500RT2000 family The RT2000 family combines precision Angular Rate Sensors and navigation grade Accelerometers, a low cost GPS receiver and an Advanced Navigation Computer to form an Inertial Navigation System aided by GPS in one very compact box. The RT2500 is the perfect way to step up from a GPS receiver and benefit from Inertial Technology.


116_90_RT3v2RT3000 family The RT3000 family combines precision Angular Rate Sensors and navigation grade Accelerometers, a survey grade GPS receiver and an Advanced Navigation Computer to form an Inertial Navigation System aided by GPS in one very compact box.


116_90_RT4v2RT4000 family The RT4000 is a high-speed version of the RT3000 family of products. It has all the features of the RT3000 but has a 250Hz update rate.


116_90_RT-RangeSRT-Range S The RT-Range S is used for two functions: accurate (3cm) measurement of the relative motion between two vehicles and precise (2cm) measurement of lane position. The RT-Range S is used with one or two RT3000 or RT2002 Inertial and GPS Navigation Systems. All measurements are online, in real-time and output on a CAN bus.


R116_90_RT-Split_ProductT-Split The RT-Split is ideal for accurate tyre slip measurements even in wet conditions. The RT-Split is a version of the RT where the IMU (inertial measurement unit) is in a separate enclosure. This lightweight IMU is ideal for wheel mounting since it reduces the influence on the wheel's dynamics.



Survey & Mapping product range


116_90_Survey+Survey+ family The Survey+ is a compact, turnkey GNSS-aided inertial navigation system for providing stable, reliable and highly accurate position and orientation measurements. It is designed for airborne laser scanning applications as well as road surveying and pavement inspection projects. It seamlessly integrates with other on-board sensors like aerial cameras, laser scanners or LIDAR technology.


116_Inertial+Inertial+ family The perfect route to upgrading your GPS. Protect your investment and combine your GPS with our Inertial+. Designed as a drop in component, the Inertial+ blends accelerometers and gyros with data from an external GPS receiver. It gives smooth, continuous position measurements, even in poor GPS environments. The Inertial+ is a true Inertial Navigation System at an exceptionally low cost.



xNAV family Today’s unmanned aerial and ground vehicles require compact, lightweight and highly accurate GPS + INS solutions. We have designed the innovative xNAV family to meet these requirements. The system is designed to deliver superior position, roll/pitch and heading data even in challenging operating environments.


116_90_xOEM500boardxOEM family The xOEM inertial navigation system from OxTS is an OEM board set version of the popular xNAV system. Combining GNSS technology with high performance miniature inertial sensors, all embedded on a single compact board, the xOEM family delivers a complete navigation solution to system integrators.



xOEMcore The xOEMcore is a combined 6-axis inertial measurement unit and navigation system with sensor fusion in one compact OEM module. In its base form the xOEMcore measures and outputs raw accelerations and angular rates with small, high-grade MEMS gyros and accelerometers. But with a simple upgrade the xOEMcore is turned into a full inertial navigation system, able to take aiding data from external sources such as GNSS and blend it in the on-board Kalman filter. It is ideal for integration inside any solution that requires robust, high-performance position and orientation.




116_90_RT-BaseSRT-Base S The RT-Base S is a portable GNSS base station suitable for transmitting differential corrections (DGPS) to OxTS' range of GNSS-aided inertial navigation systems, but is not limited to them. In fact, the RT-Base S can be set-up to work with most GNSS receivers capable of receiving DGNSS corrections. This makes the RT-Base S an incredibly useful and powerful piece of equipment for anyone who needs a stand-alone, portable, all-weather base station..


116_90_GPSBaseNew GPS-Base Base Station The GPS-Base is a small, portable GPS base station capable of providing Differential Corrections for Differential GPS Receivers. The GPS-Base can be used with the RT3000 and RT4000 products to give up to 2cm positioning accuracy.


116_90_RT-XLANRT-XLAN When testing ADAS systems with the RT-Range, the distance between vehicles can now be extended to 1km with the new RT-XLAN. The RT-XLAN is a long range radio that extends and improves the data integrity and communication between vehicles. The extended range is especially useful on larger test tracks and for ADAS tests where vehicles need to communicate reliably over a longer distance.


116_RTBackpackRT-Backpack The RT-Backpack, an additional component for the RT-Range systems, represents a turnkey solution for tracking the position of pedestrians relative to a moving vehicle.



RT-ANA Analog Outputs allow the connection of RT3000 family products to older data acquisition systems, to get simple measurements made fast. Analogue Outputs also offer the ability to get back to basics, to view signals directly on an oscilloscope. The RT-ANA product offers 16 separate channels of 16-bit analog accuracy.



RT-UPS The RT-UPS is an uninterruptible power supply for the power protection of all OxTS RT and Inertial+ systems as well as any other electrical or electronic devices that rely on continuous power supply.


116_rtmount RT-Strut The RT-Strut is an installation kit for putting the RT products in to a car quickly. The RT-Strut provides a rigid installation, close to the Center of Gravity (COG), and can be mounted in minutes.





116_ISO17025Calibration - Basic and ISO 17025 OxTS offers calibration services for the inertial and GPS navigation systems and for the RT-ANA products. For the inertial and GPS navigation systems we offer a calibration service where the acceleration and angular rate measurements are traceable to national standards. We operate a quality management system that complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and we are accredited by UKAS.


116_85_supportcallSupport Contract To ensure you receive the highest levels of support for our products we offer support contracts. These cover technical support, configuration advice as well as software upgrades.


116_85_trainingProduct Training
At OxTS we offer product training tailored to your needs and budget. We can provide on-site training - basic and advanced - for our entire product portfolio. The training courses are aimed at giving you expert knowledge about your product’s operation in a very short space of time.



Application Projects At OxTS we have a dedicated Application Engineering department that works directly with customers to undertake custom engineering projects allowing you to always get more out of your OxTS product.