116_90_RT-BaseSRT-Base S The RT-Base S is a portable GNSS base station suitable for transmitting differential corrections (DGPS) to OxTS' range of GNSS-aided inertial navigation systems, but is not limited to them. In fact, the RT-Base S can be set-up to work with most GNSS receivers capable of receiving DGNSS corrections. This makes the RT-Base S an incredibly useful and powerful piece of equipment for anyone who needs a stand-alone, portable, all-weather base station.


116_90_GPSBaseNewGPS-Base Base Station The GPS-Base is a small, portable GPS base station capable of providing Differential Corrections for Differential GPS Receivers. The GPS-Base can be used with the RT3000 and RT4000 products to give up to 2cm positioning accuracy.


116_90_RT-XLANRT-XLAN When testing ADAS systems with the RT-Range, the distance between vehicles can now beextended to 1km with the new RT-XLAN. The RT-XLAN is a long range radio that extends and improves the data integrity and communication between vehicles. The extended range is especially useful on larger test tracks and for ADAS tests where vehicles need to communicate reliably over a longer distance.


116_RTBackpackRT-Backpack The RT-Backpack, an additional component for the RT-Range systems, represents a turnkey solution for tracking the position of pedestrians relative to a moving vehicle.



RT-ANA Analog Outputs allow the connection of RT3000 family products to older data acquisition systems, to get simple measurements made fast. Analogue Outputs also offer the ability to get back to basics, to view signals directly on an oscilloscope. The RT-ANA product offers 16 separate channels of 16-bit analog accuracy.



RT-UPS The RT-UPS is an uninterruptible power supply for the power protection of all OxTS RT and Inertial+ systems as well as any other electrical or electronic devices that rely on continuous power supply.


116_rtmountRT-Strut The RT-Strut is an installation kit for putting the RT products in to a car quickly. The RT-Strut provides a rigid installation, close to the Center of Gravity (COG), and can be mounted in minutes.