300_200_inMOTIONxThe inMOTIONx is a small and lightweight GNSS-aided inertial navigation system for use in automotive applications where space and payload are limited.






Proven track record in a small package
While the inMOTIONx may be a new product, it draws on years of experience in automotive testing. Integrating much of the know-how that has helped to create our bench-mark RT products, the inMOTIONx is our answer to customer requests for a smaller and lighter GNSS-aided inertial navigation system that will help them test, and validate ADAS systems as easily as possible.
Smaller package, smaller price
As the requirements placed on test departments increase and budgets shrink, the pressure to find cost-effective solutions contiunes to grow. With this in mind, the inMOTIONx has been designed to do its job without the bells and whistles that would inevitably drive the price up. So while it naturally doesn’t quite match the specification of our flag-ship models, it does provide more than enough accuracy to evaluate ADAS systems. More importantly, it provides that accuracy in a reliable and repeatable way thanks to the tightly-coupled way in which the GNSS and INS data is handled.
The inMOTIONx is compatible with our RT-Range S system.
UrbanTrack GPS
Ideal for Euro NCAP AEB VRU tests where size and weight are critical
Excellent value with no hidden costs—antennas and software included free
One box solution with realtime serial and Ethernet output
Dual antenna GNSS with GLONASS capability provides accurate heading in all conditions—even low-dynamic testing
No export control—ship and operate worldwide without hassle
Tactical grade IMU—0.15° slip angle accuracy at 50 km/h. 2 cm position accuracy
Wheelspeed/Odometer Input
Compatible with our RT-Range S system for ADAS test and validation

Easy integration with existing OxTS products such as RT-Range S
Lane departure warning (LDW)
Blind spot detection (BLIS)
AB Dynamics recommended for steering robot guidance
AEB VRU pedestrian/cyclist tests

inMOTIONx User Manual

inMOTIONx Brochure

PositioningGPS L1, L2
GLONASS L1, L2 (option)
Positioning Accuracy 1.6 m CEP SPS
0.6 m SBAS
0.4 m DGPS
0.02 m RTK
Velocity Accuracy 0.1 km/h RMS
Roll/Pitch 0.05° 1σ
Heading (2 m baseline)0.1° 1σ
Acceleration bias stability0.05 mg 1σ
Acceleration range10 g
Angular Rate bias stability3°/hr
Angular Rate range300°/s
Measurement rate 100 Hz
200/250 Hz (Optional)

Operating temperature -40°C to +70°C
Specification temperature-10°C to +70°C
Power input 10–31 V
Power consumption 9 W
Dimensions132 x 77 x 41 mm
Weight425 g
Logging capacity 4 GB
InterfacesEthernet, Serial
Dual antenna Yes