RT-ANA analog output option

RT-ANAThe RT-ANA unit is an interface converter that accepts CAN messages from the OxTS RT2000, RT3000 or RT4000 and converts them to analogue voltages. The RT-ANA has up to 16 analogue output channels with a range of ±10V. The RT-ANA uses precision 16-bit DACs and precision op-amp drivers to ensure the highest levels of accuracy can be achieved.

The outputs are presented on 16 BNC connectors and on a 25-way D-type connector. Either output can be used and they are connected internally.


The configuration for the analogue outputs is performed in the RT3000; the RT-ANA decodes four, 8-byte CAN messages and turns them in to voltages. The only user configuration parameters are the CAN baud rate and the fast-update mode.

The RT-ANA includes galvanically isolated power supplies on the analogue side to ensure that there are no ground loops. This power supply is not intended to have large D.C. offsets between the earth and the analogue outputs since the EMC filters have a working voltage of 25V. The isolation is suitable for use in vehicles.

The RT-ANA has an indicator LED to show that it is receiving CAN messages and working correctly.

16 Channels
16-bit High Accuracy DACs
1.6kHz Fast-Update Mode
Low Latency
±10V Output Range
1mV Output Accuracy
Galvanically Isolated Outputs
9 – 18V d.c., 3W

Connect RT-ANA to RT
Connect Power
Connect Output to your system
Configure Channels
LED flashes to verify operation

RT-ANA User Manual