The RT-Backpack, an additional component for the RT-Range systems, is ideal for car-to-pedestrian tracking. The RT-Backpack represents a turnkey solution for tracking the position of pedestrians relative to a moving vehicle. The RT-Backpack helps car manufacturers to develop and test vehicle-to-pedestrian tracking systems by giving an objective and accurate measurement of the distance from the car to the pedestrian.

The RT-Backpack includes a highly accurate RT Inertial and GPS navigation system, which is mounted securely on a frame, a battery capable of powering the RT for up to 5 hours, a precision GPS antenna, wireless LAN and a battery charger.

The unique RT-Backpack system works just like a Target in the RT-Range. The RT-Backpack feeds real-time measurements to the Hunter vehicle using Wireless LAN. The vehicle tracks the pedestrian with the Target system in the backpack and computes the measurements online and outputs them on the CAN bus.  
This means that if you already have an RT-Range system for developing and testing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), you can now expand your tests to include car-to-pedestrian tracking.

The compact and portable RT-Backpack can be used to track motorcyclists as well as pedestrians with ease and high accuracy.

The RT-Backpack system has additional straps on it, so that it can be tightly and securely mounted to the pedestrian, giving the best possible accuracy.

Data from the pedestrian wearing the RT-Backpack to the vehicle is transmitted over wireless LAN which works – without any obstruction such as trees or buildings – more than 200m.

As all measurement systems from OxTS, the RT-Backpack can be set up quickly and requires no further user intervention once configured.

2cm positioning
Precise measurements
Data transmission over wireless LAN
Compact size

ADAS testing
Seamless integration with RT-Range networks makes the RT-Backpack ideal for testing ADAS systems that need to track small mobile targets.

Car-to-pedestrian tracking
Lightweight enough to use for extended periods of time, the wearer is visible to RT Range systems for up to four hours.

Car-to-motorcyclist tracking
When cyclists or motorcyclist wear RT-Backpacks, the shape of the bike can be configured as a polygon with up to 24 points for distance measurements.

Tracking of multiple pedestrians or cyclists possible
Simultaneously track up to 4 mobile targets, including those wearing RT-Backpacks, allowing realistic testing of ADAS solutions with the RT Range.

RT-Backpack datasheet



RT-Backpack manual