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300_200_RT-UPSThe RT-UPS is an uninterruptible power supply for the power protection of all OxTS RT and Inertial+ systems as well as any other electrical or electronic devices that rely on continuous power supply.

The RT-UPS is a small, compact and extremely flexible battery backup which will continue to provide power for up to one minute after the input power is removed. The RT-UPS not only protects your electrical and electronic devices from loss of power, it also protects them from unexpected power fluctuations.


It is specifically designed for use in vehicles, to power the RT and Inertial+ products in case the car engine is accidentally switched off. When this happens, an audible signal will warn the user immediately that the power is lost. The internal batteries inside the RT-UPS will then provide continuous power for a duration of up to one minute. This will leave the user enough time to re-start the car engine.

A wide input voltage range, from 9V to 48V means that the RT-UPS can be used in cars, trucks and other vehicles.

The reliable RT-UPS has invaluable features like reverse voltage protection and over voltage transient protection. A fast supply drop detection prevents any unwanted supply disruptions. In addition to that, the user is also alerted when irregular supply conditions occur.

The four LED’s on the front panel make it easy for the user to identify the operating status of the RT-UPS. The small, compact and light-weight design of the RT-UPS makes it ideal to quickly transfer it from one vehicle to another.

Continuous power for up to 1 minute
2A 12V output
9V – 48V input voltage
Operating status LED’s
Transient protection
Reverse voltage protection
Produces an isolated output voltage
Power loss signal
Irregular power supply alert
Small, compact size

RT and Inertial+
The RT-UPS protects against power fluctuations and saves time in the event of power loss by keeping equipment supplied for up to 1 minute.

Electronic devices on car power
With an input range of 9–48 V dc the RT-UPS can be used to supply any equipment that requires a 12 V supply up to 2 amps.

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RT-UPS Manual

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