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Calibration – Basic and ISO 17025

OxTS offers calibration services for the inertial and GPS navigation systems and for the RT-ANA products. For the inertial and GPS navigation systems we offer a calibration service where the acceleration and angular rate measurements are traceable to national standards. We operate a quality management system that complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Applicable products and services

We offer two types of calibration services, the basic calibration and the ISO 17025 calibration. An additional step in the calibration process, SuperCAL, can improve the performance of the angular rate sensors to 0.05% and may be a benefit to some customers.

The table below shows which calibration services can be used with which products.

Product family
ISO 17025
RT2000 (RT2500, RT2502, etc.) Yes Yes Yes
RT3000 (RT3002, RT3003, etc.) Yes Yes Yes
RT4000 (RT4002, RT4003, etc.) Yes Yes Yes
Inertial+ (Inertial+2, Inertial+ 250, etc.) Yes Yes Yes
Survey+ (Survey+2, Survey+ 250, etc.) Yes Yes Yes
RT-Base No No N/A
GPS-Base No No N/A
RT-Range N/A N/A N/A

Basic calibration for inertial products

On the basic calibration we adjust the parameters that are critical to inertial navigation and provide a report confirming that the product works correctly and to its specification. Basic checking of acceleration and angular rate are performed during the adjustment but are not reported on the certificate. All the inputs and outputs of the product are checked to make sure that they are working correctly.

An example basic certificate can be downloaded here…

A full document describing the OxTS calibrations in more detail can be downloaded here…

ISO 17025 calibration for inertial products

The ISO 17025 calibration adds several key points over the basic calibration.

Accelerations and angular rates are traceable to national standards (though other measurements are not)

A pre-adjustment assessment is provided

A calibration certificate including acceleration and angular rate measurements and uncertainties

Additional management processes are used to conform to the requirements of ISO 17025

UKAS has audited and accredited OxTS, giving confidence to the measurements that we make

An example ISO 17025 calibration certificate can be downloaded here… The pre-adjustment assessment is almost identical.

A full document describing the ISO 17025 calibration in more detail can be downloaded here…

Note: ISO17025 calibration does not provide better accuracies for the inertial sensors over basic calibration. SuperCAL is required to further improve the performance.


The steps taken for each of these calibrations are summarised in the table below.

Steps in calibration process
ISO 17025
Customer property receipt Yes Yes
Inbound test Yes Yes
Pre-calibration assessment and report No Yes
Firmware upgrade If under support If under support
SuperCAL adjustment If ordered If ordered
Adjustment Yes Yes
Calibration assessment Yes Yes
Basic calibration certificate Yes No
ISO 17025 calibration certificate No Yes
Temperature soak test Yes Yes
Final test Yes Yes

Basic RT-ANA calibration

We offer a basic calibration of the RT-ANA which includes adjusting the RT-ANA if necessary. The report declares that the RT-ANA works correctly. We do not have an ISO 17025 calibration for this product.

Additional information

For additional information contact your sales representative or OxTS directly.


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