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Latest Software and Firmware Versions

The latest versions of all of our software and firmware are listed here. The “Development ID” is our code for each software or firmware version. The latest full releases are listed under the “Development ID” column.

Beta releases have not gone through a full validation test at OxTS, but they may have some new functionality that you want to try. Customers on a support contract get the latest versions when they are released and can try out the beta versions by contacting OxTS. Any feedback or bug reports are appreciated and should be sent to

All new models are built with a TP600 processor. Older RT models with a TP400 processor are incompatible with the latest firmware and hence have a different firmware version listed. If you wish to take advantage of the latest features your system will need upgrading to a newer processing platform. To find out which processor is in your system, follow these instructions.

To find out which firmware version your system is currently running, the “Development ID” can be found in the “Performance” page of Enginuity.

Product types
Development ID
Beta release
RT2000 (TP500 & TP600 processor) 131019q3.14b 131019q3.14b
RT2000 (TP400 processor) 111110q1.14b 111110q1.14b
RT3000 (TP500 & TP600 processor) 131019q3.14b 131019q3.14b
RT3000 (TP400 processor) 111110q1.14b 111110q1.14b
RT4000 (TP500 & TP600 processor) 131019q3.14b 131019q3.14b
Inertial+ 131019i3.14b 131019i3.14b
Survey+ 131019q3.14b 131019q3.14b
xNAV200 130314.14du 130314.14du
RT-Range 131127r1.14be 131127r1.14be

NAVsuite software
Development ID
Beta release
Installer 131203 131203
NAVconfig 131024.14am 131024.14am
Enginuity 131009.14ag 131009.14ag
RT Post-process 131104.14ao 131104.14ao
NAVgraph 131108.14cl 131108.14cl
Blended 130925.14i 130925.14i

RT-Range software
Development ID
Beta release
Installer 131210 131210
RT-Range 131127.14bd 131127.14bd
RTCommunicationPC.dll 131118.14bb 131118.14bb
PostProcessingDLL.dll 131023.14bg 131023.14bg

GPS-Base software
Development ID
Beta release
Installer 121002 121002

Note: The installer version 121002 will install GUI 100908.14bh but the driver files for the Window 7 have been updated.

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