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OxTS announces 2 cm accurate, real-time xNAV550 INS/GPS

Product News October 20, 2014


OxTS are proud to announce the latest addition to our xNAV line of products–the miniature, lightweight inertial navigation sensors. The new xNAV550 adds survey-grade GNSS receivers, giving RTK capability and centimetre-level position accuracy to the small package.

Weighing around 400 g, the xNAV550 is well-suited for weight and space restricted applications such as UAS/UAV surveying. And now with 2 cm position accuracy it can precisely georeference images, point clouds, and other data from your surveying system. The xNAV550 is principally aimed at the survey market, with a focus on UAV and other weight/size restricted applications, but also offering attractive benefits to other applications such as manned aircraft aerial surveying and mobile mapping. The combination of small size, RTK capability, and competitive pricing should mean high volume sales of the xNAV550.

The xNAV550 will be available to order from Q1 2015. For more information, please contact our Sales department.


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