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Converts CAN signals to analogue output signals.

The RT-ANA unit is an interface converter that accepts CAN messages from the OxTS RT2000, RT3000 or RT4000 and converts them to analogue voltages.


Log data to older equipment that only accepts analogue input

All of our GNSS/INS products are capable of logging data internally, but it is not unusual in automotive tests to use one centralised data acquisition system to collect measurements from multiple devices. While Ethernet and CAN are the most suitable interfaces for transmitting measurements, some older acquisition systems only accept analogue inputs. The RT-ANA resolves this problem by converting up to 16 CAN measurements from a GNSS/INS device into real-time analogue outputs.

Quick and easy to configure

The RT-ANA can be set up very quickly using a simple user interface. Simply choose which INS measurement each output should reference using a drop-down list, specify the output voltage range and save the configuration. All 16 channels can be configured from scratch in minutes.

16 analogue output channels

The RT-ANA has up to 16 analogue output channels with a range of ±10 V. The RT-ANA uses precision 16-bit DACs and precision op-amp drivers to ensure the highest levels of accuracy can be achieved.

The outputs are presented on 16 BNC connectors and on a 25-way D-type connector. Either output can be used and they are connected internally.


16 channels

1.6 kHz fast-update mode

±10 V output range

1mV output accuracy


Interfacing to external data acquisition systems


RT-ANA user manual