RT-UPS uninterruptible power supply


Uninterruptible power supply for worry-free testing

The RT-UPS protects against power fluctuations and saves time in the event of power loss by keeping equipment supplied for up to 1 minute.

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Uninterruptible power supply

The RT-UPS is a small, compact and extremely flexible battery backup which will continue to provide power for up to one minute after the input power is removed. The RT-UPS protects your electrical and electronic devices from loss of power, and protects them from unexpected power fluctuations.

Protect equipment from power surges

The reliable RT-UPS has invaluable features like reverse voltage protection and over voltage transient protection. A fast supply drop detection prevents any unwanted supply disruptions. In addition, the user is also alerted when irregular supply conditions occur.

Avoid accidental restarts due to power loss

Designed for use in vehicles in case the car engine is accidentally switched off or power drops during cranking. If this happens an audible signal warns you immediately that the power is lost. The internal batteries inside the RT-UPS will then provide continuous power for a duration of up to one minute leaving enough time to re-start the engine.

Connect to a wider range of input voltages

A wide input voltage range, from 9 V to 48 V means that the RT-UPS can be used in cars, trucks and other vehicles.


Provides power to INS+GNSS products for up to a minute

Wide input voltage range (9 to 48 volts)

Protects equipment from power surges


Provides protection and peace of mind in a wide range of applications.


RT-UPS user manual

RT-UPS datasheet