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Accurate tyre slip measurements even in wet conditions – with the RT-Split

Product News April 3, 2014

RT-Split_1Our new RT-Split is a small and lightweight wheel-mounted sensor that measures tyre slip-angle in all weather conditions with an accuracy of up to 0.15° at 50 km/h. The system comprises an accurate IMU module that is mounted on the desired wheel, while a separate CPU module that houses the necessary processors and GNSS receiver remains inside the car. As the RT-Split uses GNSS and inertial technology (rather than optical input), its measurements are equally accurate on dry, wet or even loose surfaces. This gives engineers greater flexibility than ever before when evaluating performance in different environments.

As well as measuring position with up to 2 cm accuracy, the RT-Split’s IMU also gives an accurate picture of the wheels acceleration (±100 g) and angular rate (±300 °/s) in three axes at 100 Hz, providing a significant extra layer of useful information. An Ethernet and CAN bus interface allow measurements to be output in real-time as well as being logged internally. Additional data packets can also be generated in response to external events or at specific time/distance intervals, giving engineers maximum flexibility and allowing measurements to be synchronised to external events.

The RT-Split is supplied with all the necessary cables and GNSS antenna and includes our fully-featured NAVsuite software. This includes applications to configure and verify the sensor output, as well as the ability to post-process measurements—removing the need to purchase expensive third-party software. Our post-process software also allows DGPS corrections to be applied in a number of different ways, as well as applications to plot and export data.

Three models of RT-Split are available to meet different accuracy requirements. The RT3002X-Split is the top-end model measuring position to 2 cm accuracy and slip-angle to 0.15° at 50 km/h. The mid-range RT3100X-Split can achieve position accuracy to 0.4 m and slip-angle measurements accurate to 0.2° at 50 km/h while the entry-level RT2500X-Split achieves 2 m position accuracy and 0.25° slip-angle accuracy at 50 km/h. We specify slip angle accuracy at a given speed because slip angle accuracy improves with speed. Therefore this is the minimum accuracy you can expect at this speed.

For more information on any RT-Split model or to discuss a demonstration, please contact us.

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