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Antenna displacement applications for Inertial+

Product News July 31, 2010

In most precision applications the GPS antenna cannot be put at the exact position that the user wants. The Inertial+ is an ideal tool for displacing the antenna position. Using its accurate measurements of heading, pitch and roll, the Inertial+ can displace the position of the GPS antenna by more than 2m and introduce an error smaller than 1cm. Example applications where the output displacement option is important include:

  • Magnetic field variations for geophysics.
  • Ground penetrating radar, where no additional electronics can be placed near the mine detector or it will affect the results.
  • Dynamic positioning of ships at sea because the GPS antenna moves significantly as the boat rolls and pitches and the control algorithms need to keep the centre of the boat in one accurate position.
  • Radar position measurement for cars because the GPS antenna cannot be put at the position of the radar.
  • Focal position of cameras

For more information on how this valuable feature can help you improve the accuracy of position in your application please contact sales at OxTS and we will be happy to help.

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