Precision measurement – now in one box

When we started working on the next-generation RT-series of GNSS-aided inertial navigation systems, development was driven by an underlying ethos of simplification and enhanced user experience. Thanks to feedback from…

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Next-gen RT makes easy work of NTRIP access

In the wake of the arrival of our next-generation RT products, this month’s blog focuses on one particular new feature designed to simplify configuration and enhance the ease of use…

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A little tolerance goes a long way

This month’s blog came about following a conversation with an engineer at a recent automotive show. They were wondering why, during the creation of a configuration file, we ask users…

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GLONASS gx/ix RTK support for OxTS INS products

Addressing the urban challenge

Here at OxTS we are acutely aware of the challenges facing ADAS and autonomous car developers. Systems and test scenarios are becoming more complex as vehicle trials are moving away…

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Euro NCAP—OxTS do the tests

Successful NCAP tests are the result of careful planning and execution, and of course, good measurement data. Whether a test involves multiple vehicles, vulnerable road users or simply being able…

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ADAS and autonomous vehicle testing: what does the future hold?

It has become an almost unavoidable cliché to say ADAS and autonomous vehicle development is evolving at an accelerated rate. Self-driving car trials are under way in many cities around…

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Chris Lawford

Meet the team: Chris Lawford, Application Engineering

Chris Lawford has been with OxTS since October 2017. He joined as an applications engineer working for the Application Engineering department, which at the time was a relatively recent development…

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Blog - When worlds collide

When worlds collide; how LiDAR is bridging the gap between automotive and surveying

Historically, OxTS has focused on two distinct areas of expertise. On the one hand, there’s the automotive side of our business; on the other surveying and mapping. However, the two…

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