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Meet the team:
Jacob Giehl, Senior Commercial Manager, Americas

Blogs February 1, 2023
Jacob Giehl, Senior Commercial Manager, Americas
Jacob Giehl, Senior Commercial Manager, Americas

For more than 20 years, we’ve been the inertial navigation experts – giving customers the ability to accurately measure position, time, orientation, and dynamics in all environments. OxTS gives customers not only market-leading technology, but also the dedication of our problem-solvers, to listen and understand each customer’s individual needs, wants and aspirations – and to collaborate with them to build a first-class solution. We do this worldwide for our customers, through having our UK team members travelling the globe regularly, and also via our dedicated regional teams. Here, Jacob Giehl, Senior Commercial Manager, Americas, tells us about a ‘day in his life’:


1. When did you join OxTS, and what appealed to you about working for the Company?

After working in the autonomous vehicle industry, I joined OxTS at the end of 2022. There are a variety of cutting-edge products and companies in the autonomous ecosystem. OxTS presented an excellent brand with a spectrum of product offerings for testing and on-road applications. OxTS is known for a commitment to accuracy and quality. This seemed like a great foundation with a long runway for growth opportunities. The company also offers a balanced culture of teamwork and commitment.


2. How would you describe a typical ‘day in your life’ at OxTS?

In the Senior Commercial Manager position, I am balancing a combination of external and internal objectives. The external demand can be a range of topics with our channel partners and customers. Some examples are product requests, demo opportunities and technical support. Our product portfolio is a part of several dynamic industries such as automotive dynamics, mobile mapping and autonomous integration. Some of our flagship products include: RT3000 v3, xNAV650 and AV200. As a company, we are also increasing our North American presence. This includes more local staff for customer support and on-site requests. I am excited to build the team to support our current customers and introduce OxTS to new organisations.


3. What energises you at work?

I am energised to make an impact on an expanding market. Almost every phase of our life will be impacted by the expansion of autonomy. Precise measurements and localisation are vital to the testing and safe deployment of this technology. OxTS is known for quality and accuracy. I am excited to support our current customers and introduce products to customers that need precise inertial navigation tools. In addition, the OxTS team and our surrounding industry is filled with extremely talented individuals. This pushes me to continue learning and building my skillset.


4. What’s most challenging about being OxTS’ Senior Commercial Manager, Americas and how do you conquer it?

The most challenging portion of the position is that most customers have a unique demand. Before we can suggest an OxTS product, we often need to understand the customer’s project. This could involve engaging our engineering and support team to identify the best fit. Fortunately, I am supported by a world-class team of engineers and technicians. Their expertise is vital to finding the best product and accessories to meet the customer’s needs.


5. What’s the company culture like at OxTS?

The company culture at OxTS is very welcoming and supportive. A good team environment is essential for an innovative culture. The team environment at OxTS enables everyone to contribute to the Company’s progress and success. This includes a lot of cross-department collaboration with experts in different scientific and business disciplines. I always look forward to working with my OxTS colleagues on our next challenge!


6. What would we most likely find you doing at the weekend?

I would say that my weekends are a combination of family, friends and athletics. I love planning new adventures for my wife, two daughters and I. We spend a lot of time with our extended family around the Great Lakes region in Northern Michigan and Western New York. This includes a lot of water in the summer and mountains in the winter. The schedule often includes sports with tennis, basketball, swimming and skiing. When we have the opportunity, we also love to travel and experience new places, people and food!


7. What are your goals for the next twelve months at OxTS?

In the next twelve months, I would like to increase OxTS’ presence in the North American market. This includes meeting customer demand and expanding the reach of the Company’s brand. We know that projects requiring vehicle dynamics and localisation services are constantly coming on-line, and we have the expertise, technologies and software solutions to support them. I hope that we can introduce these organisations to our product portfolio to meet their requirements. Expanding the North American brand also includes more industry presence and on-site collaborations. We look forward to meeting more of our customers to identify their needs and learn about how we can impact the future of mobile measurements together.


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