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Meet the team: Graham Ayris, Senior Sales Engineer

Blogs December 1, 2022
Graham Ayris, OxTS Senior Sales Engineer
Graham Ayris, OxTS Senior Sales Engineer

Every idea is derived from either a need or a problem and, here at OxTS, we like a challenge! In 2000, following deep R&D, OxTS launched the world’s first combined GPS inertial navigation system for automotive testing applications. Over the years, our innovations have included multi-vehicle testing solutions, budget product options and the renowned RT3000 series; one of our first solutions to offer real-time INS functionality. Our gold standard solution for vehicle testing is one of many innovations for which we’re proud to be trusted by our customers. More recently, we – and they – have taken testing indoors with innovative solutions utilising ultra-wideband (UWB) technologies. How does OxTS support customers to navigate everywhere? Here, Graham Ayris, OxTS Senior Sales Engineer, tells us about a ‘day in his life’:


1. When did you join OxTS, and what appealed to you about working for the Company?

I started with OxTS in August 2022. As an experienced user of OxTS equipment in a Euro NCAP Active Testing facility it felt like a very natural progression to move into a product development setting and help to push the boundaries of accurate inertial positioning data. There were plenty of other factors for me too such as the relationships I had already built with the team as a customer as well as some of the modern and positive approaches taken to things such as flexible working which really suits me.


2. How would you describe a typical ‘day in your life’ as OxTS’ Senior Sales Engineer?

Every day is different, which I love. I can have calls with the far east in the morning and the Americas in the afternoon. In general it is great being able to find out customers’ real world needs and provide solutions to enable what they want to do, this is especially exciting when discussing some of the ideas customers have around indoor positioning facilities they are designing. It is a very flexible and dynamic role which is constantly engaging my brain.


3. What motivates you at work?

As an engineer with lots of test experience I know how frustrating things can be so being able to help with solutions to ease the day-to-day difficulties others face is a good feeling. Being able to use products which you can just trust to work, like the RT3000, makes the day much easier all around. Being surrounded by an excellent team of colleagues is also a big factor in motivating me.


4. What are the main challenges in your role, and how do you tackle them?

Pushing the boundaries of what can be done and the environment it can be done in is always a challenge and it is always enjoyable working with the engineering team to create or improve products for our customers. We’re driven to help our customers to navigate anywhere, through having trust in the data we’re able to provide them. Recently we’ve supported customers seeking to test vehicles in underground car parks by enhancing accuracy in a GNSS-denied space using Pozyx ultra-wideband (UWB) as an aiding source, for example. The automotive and autonomy market is growing and evolving rapidly and it is fun to keep trying to be at the front of the wave.


5. What’s the company culture like at OxTS?

There is a strong value on looking after people with a collaborative, friendly and constructive culture, and there is also a positive approach to the learning when things go wrong, as they often will with new product development. It is a pragmatic and solution-oriented place to work. People’s wellbeing is well looked after in many ways from a pleasant office environment to having a good range of biscuits in the kitchen! There are also good opportunities for personal and professional development within the business, allowing individuals to continually grow.


6. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever received?

Receiving compliments from customers is always particularly rewarding, and I take those as signs that I’m doing a good job. We all like to receive positive feedback after all. In a previous job, I picked up the nickname “Golden”, I would like to think it was because I am great to work with, but I think it was after the cereal Golden Grahams!


7. What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead at OxTS?

I’m most looking forward to getting out to visit customers and attend events around the world. In just the past few months, I have been lucky enough to go to events in Frankfurt and Detroit as well as around the UK and enjoyed meeting lots of great people and really getting to know the market better. Following the pandemic, it is refreshing to be free to get out and about again instead of just being on a Teams or Zoom call. There are some exciting new products in the pipeline coming soon as well as some very interesting customer projects. It’s well worth checking back on our website and following our social media if you don’t already do so, as we’ll have a lot of good news to share over the next few months.


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