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Meet the team:
Mark Smith, Export Manager

Blogs August 1, 2022
OxTS Export Manager, Mark Smith
Mark Smith, OxTS Export Manager

All OxTS inertial navigation systems are manufactured by our expert team in the UK. Many of our products are then exported to more than 30 countries across six continents, to enable automotive engineers, professional surveyors, autonomous development teams, and others to measure with confidence. We’ve sold our flagship RTs far and wide since 2002. We’ve even sold our Survey+ as far as the British Antarctic Survey. And those numbers are growing. In addition, we provide safe return for hundreds of units every year following their regular ISO calibrations to keep them in top shape. Here, OxTS Export Manager, Mark Smith, tells us about a ‘day in his life’:


1. How long have you worked at OxTS, and what led you to this career?

I’ve worked at OxTS since May 2022, but my ‘export journey’ started 30 years ago. Working in export was an easy decision. Early in my career, I learnt new skills and gained valuable experience working with some very well-practiced people who had managed global logistics for many years, and were happy to share their knowledge and expertise with me. This allowed me to move into different Export roles and gain a lot of hands-on experience, dealing with all aspects of international trade. The opportunity to join OxTS as Export Manager fitted with my experience and life goals. It’s also allowed me to share my knowledge and experience, and pay back the time that my mentors originally shared with me. I always want to work with the best companies and was excited by the opportunity of joining OxTS as the world leader in providing highly technical automotive testing equipment, and enabling survey and mapping and other customers to also measure with confidence.

2. Can you describe a typical day in your role as OxTS Export Manager?

This is what makes the Export Manager role so interesting; You never know what will be in your inbox at the start of the day and what questions people will ask. I know there will be some standard “day job” type tasks, but there will also be some technical and/or very challenging situations to deal with and it gives me great satisfaction to deal with these and provide solutions that ultimately enable OxTS to give the best possible service to our customers and partners. I’m also working on more technically challenging longer-term projects enabling OxTS to expand its opportunities into more countries. My role is to help the Company understand the challenges and provide solutions that meet with all international trade regulations to enable OxTS to deliver our equipment. The ultimate objective is for a smooth and uneventful delivery service to our customers and partners.

3. What’s the best thing about your job?

The best part of my job is the variety of the work and being able to make a difference. No two days are the same and with the ambitious challenges set by OxTS and our customers and partners, it makes for an interesting day, every day. I can use all my experience, knowledge, and skills to provide a solution that ultimately leads OxTS to deliver great service to our customers and partners. I am inspired by working with the very committed people within the Export Team and with the wider Operations Team. This makes for a satisfying working environment where we all help each other.

4. What’s the most challenging thing about your role, and how do you tackle this?

OxTS supports customers all around the world and, due to the diverse range of countries where we export and the highly technical nature of our inertial navigation equipment, legislation and regulations can be frequently changed by Governments, both in the UK where our equipment is manufactured and abroad, where our customers await delivery of their solutions. This potentially risks delays in delivering our equipment to customers and partners. However, I have many years’ experience of international trade and a network of UK and internationally-based expert contacts that I can call upon to discuss potential solutions to challenging situations. This allows me to provide solutions that quickly return normal, uninterrupted service to OxTS customers and partners.

5. What’s the company culture like at OxTS?

The main experience of company culture that I have had since joining OxTS is that everyone is focused on the same objective. It has a great family atmosphere at all levels of the business, and everyone is keen to ensure we do things right and try to help each other. The pride in achieving a shared objective is shared by all, not just the individual. The team approach to all tasks is impressive and shows what a forward-thinking company OxTS is! It goes without saying that the technical skills of the people and the passion they display is of the highest calibre. I do firmly believe that OxTS values people and that we can all count on each other.

6. What would we most likely find you doing at the weekend?

As my work can be quite high pressure, I try to have some “me time” and relax doing the things that I enjoy most at weekends. You will likely find me rehearsing with my loudest friends as I play bass guitar in a rock band. We are currently putting together some tracks so we can get out and play some gigs. I try to keep on top of my garden in the summer. Honestly, I do! I enjoy spending time with my family and making memories… as these are the most precious possessions you can own.

7. What are you most looking forward to in the year ahead at OxTS?

Over the next twelve months, I’m planning to learn more about our product range and the new and exciting navigation solutions that are currently being developed. I am looking forward to working on various projects that will keep OxTS at the forefront of worldwide solutions for automotive testing, survey and mapping, and autonomy, as well as new and emerging markets. Like most of the OxTS team, I’m driven – and I will not rest until I feel we can offer the best export service to our customers and partners. But that said, I suspect that I will always find another improvement in our ever-changing world, where we aim to deliver world-beating products and services.


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