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Inertial Navigation Software: NAVsolve CMD – post-processing, on command

Blogs January 13, 2020

You can now download the Inertial Navigation software: NAVsolve CMD; a “No Touch” post-processing solution, from your Linux or Windows command line.

In collaboration with end users, we used NAVsolve’s key functionality as the basis for our new post-processing tool. This has also meant upgrading our standalone Blended tool to support our Next Generation (v3) hardware.

NAVsolve CMD allows you to convert single or multiple RD (Raw Data) files to CSV, include specified RINEX files and choose the measurements included in your export. We have also added a summary report, so you can see what happened to your data through the process.

Zenuity have been using our command line Blended tool for some time. Jonathan Ahlstedt, Developer Ground Truth Systems, Zenuity, said:

“Using the OxTS command line system, we have been able to create a highly accurate and automated post-processing tool. This has enabled us to process data from our global fleet, which are continuously collecting data throughout the year, and without OxTS’s command line system this volume of manual data processing wouldn’t be possible.”

And one of our Senior Software Engineers, explains the benefit further:

“What we were able to do with this project is include the majority of features in our Windows system, package them into something a Linux or Windows user can include in their regular test setup, allowing them to improve their data by post-processing without having to manually do so for every single test.”

NAVsolve CMD works on 32 and 64-bit Linux and Windows operating systems. You can also choose to convert to NCOM, rather than CSV. This means there is flexibility for your OS environment, as well as the output file format you need.

If you are already using our Blended command line tool, or want to adopt a command line post-processing solution, you can download the NAVsolve CMD now.

This application is a great example of how customer-centric collaboration has enabled development. If you have an idea or feedback, and you want to help shape the future of OxTS development, you can fill out this form to share it with us.

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