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Meet the team:
Liangyu Chen (“Van”),
Support Engineer, OxTS China

Blogs January 6, 2021

OxTS support team in ChinaOxTS are the innovators behind many ‘firsts’ in the automotive industry and have since successfully established a solid reputation with survey and mapping customers too. To get the best from OxTS’ market-leading inertial navigation systems, our customers can attend our regular complimentary webinars, find helpful resources on our website, and lean on the support of our highly skilled and experienced support team. Here, Liangyu Chen (known as Van), OxTS Support Engineer based in China, tells us about a ‘day in his life’:


1. How long have you worked at OxTS, and what do you like most about the Company?

I’ve been working at OxTS for more than one year. I enjoy the flexibility I have to carry out my work. As long as you deliver, the company gives very little constraint. I live and work in China and working for OxTS, I have flexible working hours and so I can dedicate my time whenever the work is needed. This helps me to be very efficient and I’ve learned to be more focused on the task at hand. This also allows me to take good care of my health, which is very important particularly now days, and this is not a situation that every company can provide.


2. What’s a ‘typical’ day at work for you, as an OxTS Support Engineer?

My day usually starts very early, around 6:00 hrs.  First, I go through new emails and ‘to-dos’ for the day ahead. During peak hours, I work mainly on phone calls and data analysis. Communication with customers is of high significance in our daily work. Only when we truly understand the engineering application of our users, can we help them solve technical problems and make the most of every RT unit. Often we also pay on-site visits to our customers and help with live vehicle tests.

As a representative of OxTS in China, I also work to promote our market-leading technical solutions. This includes localisation of test solutions, doing test demos, and composing local INS performance reports as an indication of the capability of our products. I also present regular support webinars in local language for our Chinese customers, and provide regular updates via our OxTS WeChat channel.


3. What are your key responsibilities in your role as an OxTS Support Engineer?

My key responsibility is to help our customers to make the most of OxTS products in all kinds of technical applications. For example, our RT-Range system is capable of covering most ADAS tests, but usually I find each ADAS customer is using only some of this capability and may not be aware that more is available. It’s part of my role to show customers what else their OxTS product can do for them – to help them get the full benefits.


4. What’s a work-related accomplishment that you’re really proud of?

As my role is a problem-solving orientated role, I enjoy a sense of accomplishment every time I solve a problem for a customer. There is a company I’ve recently supported, for example, working on data acquisition and mapping here in China, and they found they had 80 hours of data at risk, due to some unknown inaccuracies. When I analysed the data for the customer, I discovered they had a configuration error. Thanks to the capabilities of OxTS software that can modify data configuration in post-processing, I was able to save all of the data and deliver highly accurate results for the customer. This obviously made the customer very happy, and I was pleased to be able to deliver this solution for them.


5. What are the most challenging sorts of customer queries you deal with, and how do you provide those customers with what they need?

Certain customers have customised applications and specific project outcomes they would like to achieve, and most of the time this requires considerable amounts of secondary development of the output data of OxTS products. In these circumstances, I spend large amounts of time in communication with the customer, and establish in-depth co-development relationships with them, and partner with them to find a workable solution to their challenge. Customers appreciate this level of support as part of the benefits of being an OxTS customer.


6. What’s next for you, in your role as an OxTS Support Engineer?

My goal is to soak up experiences with different technical applications, like a sponge! In addition to being able to solve problems for customers, I look forward to helping users with improving and optimizing their technical application or tests. As autonomous driving technology is emerging and all kinds of new technical solutions are evolving daily, personally I have a huge interest in these developments and I aim to develop further personal knowledge and skills to increase my capabilities to support customers with their ever more innovative projects.


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