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Combined CNav-C and inertial navigation

Software Releases August 30, 2011

220_Cnav3050OxTS is launching a dedicated interface to their Inertial+ product family for the C&C Technologies C-Nav3050 receiver. This opens up the market for inertial navigation systems to people who use the C-NavC service, which was previously difficult to use at full accuracy.

The C-Nav3050 can be used to receive the C-NavC service and achieve position better than 10cm (4 inches) using technology known as PPP. It is difficult for other GNSS receivers to do this using RTCM corrections derived from C-NavC, making the C-Nav3050 almost unique in its ability to position accurately at sea.

The dual-antenna variant, the  Inertial+2 is more commonly used in marine environments. By attaching the C-Nav3050 to an OxTS Inertial+2, the output of the Inertial+2 will also be accurate to 10cm. The  Inertial+2 can displace its output to other locations on the ship so the location of other sensors can be located with similar accuracy too. After all, it is rarely the position of the GNSS antenna that needs to be measured accurately.

The Inertial+2 has other advantages too. Using the outputs of the C-Nav3050 the Inertial+2 is able to measure roll and pitch to 0.03 degrees and heading accurate to 0.15 degrees. It is able to output at a high, 100Hz data rate. All the outputs are synchronised in time since they are all derived from the accelerometers and angular rate sensors (gyros) in the Inertial+2.

The C-Nav3050 acts as an aiding device, just making small corrections to the Inertial+2´s output and keeping it accurate. The calculation delay of the Inertial+2 is very low, about 3.5ms, so the Inertial+2 will output before the C-Nav3050 has made its measurements. The Inertial+2 will continue to output even when there are breaks in the GNSS signal (for example bridges), making for a more robust positioning solution.

OxTS is a major supplier of inertial navigation systems for land based systems and the world-leader in measurement equipment for vehicle dynamics testing. For more information on how the OxTS product range can benefit you, please contact your local distributor.



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