Autonomous platform for ADAS testing

November 21, 2013

Testing advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) with balloon cars or other soft targets has become increasingly sophisticated with the introduction of the UFO.
Austrian engineering company, and OxTS customer, Dr. Steffan Datentechnik (DSD) has developed a new kind of platform which is able to move objects on a road or test track. The UFO is an ultraflat carrier for soft targets (e.g. balloon cars, inflatable pedestrians, crash test dummies) in order to carry out realistic ADAS tests with moving targets.

Virtually any test scenario can be created

With the help of UFO, vehicle manufacturers can test new auto brake systems and other advanced collision mitigation and avoidance features with realistic scenarios (pedestrian crossing the road, car pulling out of a junction etc.). If a collision cannot be avoided, UFO can be over-run and the soft target is pushed away leaving no damage to the vehicle or the UFO.
Driving robot interface for synchronous tests

The UFO is driven by electric engines and knows its position thanks to the OxTS RT2002 in the core of the target carrier. It can be driven remote controlled by an operator and even be synchronised with ABD driving robots for autonomous test manoeuvres. With an OxTS RT GPS-aided inertial navigation system and a driving robot (controlling the steering as well as the brake, accelerator and clutch pedal) installed in a test vehicle, the UFO’s driving robot interface allows for fully synchronised tests. The driving robot gets highly accurate measurements of position, velocity, acceleration, angular rates, roll, pitch, slip angles, etc. from the OxTS RT2002 GPS-aided inertial navigation system. The RT has a dedicated interface to the ABD robot, providing it with this essential information to enable it to navigate a car around a test track autonomously. With the help of DSD’s new soft target carrier UFO, the OxTS inertial and GPS navigation systems and ABD’s in-vehicle robots virtually any test scenario can be created. Car manufacturers are now able to test the latest collision mitigation features fully autonomously with highest accuracy, maximum repeatability, without risk to a test driver and without damage to the test vehicles.

UFO carrier with balloon target at junction

Tests with pedestrian crossing the road To find out more about the soft target carrier UFO, visit the website of developer DSD. DSD also offers a newly opened proving ground for evaluating and testing with the UFO platform. Images: Courtesy of DSD