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Position and orientation for UAV helicopters

Customer Stories September 12, 2014

OxTS’ GNSS/INS systems are used by many companies in the mobile mapping and airborne laser scanning industry for reliable, high accuracy position, roll, pitch, heading and velocity measurements at data rates up to 250 Hz. Aeroscout in Switzerland have recently equipped UAV helicopter systems with dual-antenna RT3003 systems.

The Scout B1-100 UAV helicopter provides a cost-effective and innovative solution for airborne scanning. The Aeroscout Scout B1-100 UAV is an INS/GPS controlled unmanned helicopter with a free payload capacity of up to 18kg. The payload capacity makes it possible to integrate digital cameras, video camcorders, laser scanners or multi-spectral sensors. Professional system integration based on individual customer or application requirements can be performed by Aeroscout.

RT3003 provides position and orientation data

This fully integrated helicopter provides a reliable, quick and cost-effective way of acquiring data at high resolution and accuracy. The integration of the OxTS RT3003 inertial + GPS systems means the helicopter gets invaluable measurements of position, velocity as well as roll and pitch (0.03°) which are essential for correcting the on-board sensors.

Two GPS antennas ensure accurate and stable heading measurements with an accuracy of up to 0.1° during the flight. Optimal vibration isolation of the sensors on-board and a smoothly running engine further minimise the possibility of erroneous data.

The Scout B1-100 UAV has a flight endurance of up to 1.5 hours,a flying altitude above mean sea level (AMSL) of up to 1000m and is characterised by high manoeuvrability. Other features such as fully autonomous take-off, “auto homing”, and automatic landing with engine shut-down differentiate this unique UAV helicopter.

Wide range of applications

The Scout B1-100 UAV helicopter in combination with the OxTS RT3003 can be used for a wide range of airborne applications such as aerial mapping of coastal lines, cultural heritage sites or forests, power line and electricity pylon inspection, surveillance as well as law enforcement.

Plan flight missions with ease

The flight missions can be planned from the Aeroscout Ground Control Station which provides all capabilities in order to operate the Aeroscout unmanned autonomous helicopter. This includes mission planning, mission control, display of UAV status information, and UAV performance monitoring.

The Aeroscout Ground Control Station allows both assisted flight mode (velocity control by joystick input) and fully autonomous mode (GPS waypoints). The ruggedized computer keyboard allows all mission planning and modifications on the field. In addition, several USB ports are available for mission download or data upload. The main screen shows all UAV status information, while the second touch screen allows the selection of major UAV commands such as take-off, landing, or engine shutdown.

The OxTS GPS-aided inertial navigation systems can be used for a great variety of vehicle-based mobile mapping applications as well as airborne surveying and laser scanning projects.

Contact Sales at OxTS to find out more about how our systems can help your individual application.

To read more about the RT3003 inertial+GPS navigation systems on our website, click here…

To find out more about the Scout B1-100 UAV helicopter, please visit the Aeroscout website.

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