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gx processing improves RT2500

Product News November 2, 2011
OxTS has improved the way that GPS data is processed in the RT2500 and RT2502 products, resulting in a massive improvement to the performance. By comparing the RT2500 to our flagship RT3003 we can show the dramatic improvement to the RT2500’s performance. The table below sets out the improvements that we found on our test data set, which was designed to replicate vehicle dynamics work.
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The improvements can be seen graphically too by comparing the following graphs. The first graph shows the new velocity accuracy using the gx processing algorithm.





















The next graph shows the original processing, taking velocity from the GPS receiver.






















This change is the first step in a series of major improvements to the GPS processing algorithms in the RT products. It is a result of 2 years of research work at OxTS into GPS processing. In the future we will be adding differential corrections to the gx processing and we will be working on our new ix processing algorithms, which will be a benefit in urban conditions.

More details about the new gx processing algorithm are available in our technical note. Download it here..

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