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OxTS Georeferencer update is released!

Software Releases September 1, 2020

OxTS Georeferencer is a simple but powerful LiDAR georeferencing software tool. It combines OxTS INS data with LiDAR sensors to output accurate 3D Pointclouds.

After its initial launch earlier this year the software was free to use. This is so we could gain valuable insight into what features are of most use to customers, and how the user experience could be improved.

Over the past 9 months we have collated this information and are now working on new, exciting updates. These updates will prove to be of great benefit to our customers.

The initial ‘launch’ version of the software is now coming to end of life and no new data can be processed using the launch version (Version ID of end of life software is after 1st September 2020.

OxTS Georeferencer - INS survey: Pointcloud OxTS Georeferencer - INS survey: Pointcloud OxTS Georeferencer - INS survey: Pointcloud

A new version of the software can now be downloaded from the OxTS Support site – HERE

This new version will allow users to continue using OxTS Georeferencer past the 1st September 2020. The key difference between versions is that customers will now require feature codes for both Georeferencing and/or Boresighting on the INS they are using in order to process the raw data.

NOTE: rtbns firmware running on V2 INS’ is no longer receiving development updates. Therefore version 2 INS’ will not be usable with OXTS Georeferencer as of 1st September 2020

Further feature updates to OxTS Georeferencer will come prior to Intergeo 2020 in October, so be sure to check in on the product page regularly and sign up to the newsletter to receive updates.

For more information on OxTS Georeferencer you can visit the relevant web page here – OxTS Georeferencer or alternatively you can contact us to request a free 2 week trial HERE

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