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Phase One iXU Integration with OxTS INS

Product News March 6, 2018

OxTS is pleased to announce the integration of its real-time inertial navigation systems with Phase One’s iXU aerial camera system. The integration means iXU users can now benefit from our proven close-coupled GNSS/INS technology by simply selecting “OxTS” as the GPS receiver type when configuring the camera. Accurate and reliable event-driven georeferencing information will then automatically be embedded in each captured image.

In UAV aerial photogrammetry applications, which the medium format iXU is particularly suited to, our compact and lightweight xNAV product can deliver a position accuracy of 2 cm along with roll and pitch measurements to within 0.05°. In larger manned aircraft however, where payload and space are less restricted, the Survey+ can output mid-shutter georeferencing measurements with 1 cm accuracy and roll and pitch to within 0.03°.

In addition to aerial survey applications such as city mapping and critical infrastructure monitoring, the iXU can also be connected to our automotive RT INS systems now—which are used by many of the world’s leading manufactures. This means automotive manufacturers looking to capture accurately georeference imagery via a true metric calibrated camera for validation or development purposes can quickly and easily interface the iXU with existing equipment they already trust.

To find out more about our close-coupled GNSS/INS products and how they are used in the survey and automotive industry, please visit our website or contact us to find your regional OxTS representative. You can also find out more about Phase One’s iXU system by visiting their website

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