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Why use a model village to validate ADAS/AV systems?

OxTS Centre of Excellence with Moshon Data

Webinars August 18, 2020

Watch this on-demand webinar as Robert Gough, Product Engineer at OxTS, sits down with Moshon Data’s Steve Boyle to discuss why engineers are opting to construct “model villages” on their proving grounds.


Moshon Data Webinar Image


The conversation will cover everything there is to know about the model village approach to testing automated driving systems. Steve will share his extensive experience of configuring the environment and scenarios – complete with foam kerbs and inflatable buildings – while Robert will explain how engineers can capture an accurate dataset to improve sensor fusion algorithms and validate vehicle performance.

We recommend this session for automotive engineers who are interested in exploring additional approaches to developing and validating more robust automated driving systems.

In this session, you will:

  • See how certain elements of the model village are used in Euro NCAP scenarios today
  • Explore how you can build on these scenarios – adding and reconfiguring more targets – to improve and validate system
  • Understand how you could capture data in “model village” scenarios to fine tune your sensor fusion algorithms

If you missed this session, you cawatch a recording via this link.


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