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Webinar: How to get the best from your data: A boresight calibration demo of how to create a Pointcloud

Webinars September 16, 2021 Webinar

To get the best position and orientation data possible, survey and mapping professionals must pair their LiDAR devices with an INS.

However, pairing LiDAR and INS devices can, by design, create inaccuracies due to offsets that are difficult to measure without some form of data-driven calibration. Without this calibration these inaccuracies can prove detrimental to your survey run and leave you with a point cloud you cannot deliver to your customer.

During this webinar, OxTS Product Engineer, Jacob Amacker will discuss how you can get the best output from your data; providing attendees with a live boresight calibration demonstration and showing you how to create a pointcloud using OxTS Georeferencer.


During the webinar you will learn:

  • A number of ‘best practises’ to ensure you’re getting the most out of your LiDAR and INS data
  • How to perform a boresight calibration
  • How to create an accurate, geo-referenced pointcloud using OxTS Georeferencer
  • The difference between a boresighted vs unboresighted pointcloud

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If you missed the live sessions, you can watch a recording here.



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