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Webinar – Across the USA with RT3000

Webinars February 13, 2020 Webinar

Watch this on-demand webinar to hear how RT3000 beat expectations while crossing the USA over 2000 miles from Minnesota to California.

In our first guest webinar, Edward Levack, OxTS Product Manager, speaks with Sara Sargent, Engineering Project Manager at VSI Labs, about her experiences using the RT3000 during the 2000-mile road trip to understand why she was so impressed with its performance.

Last year, VSI-Labs drove west from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Santa Clara, California, in an automated development vehicle to test the performance and safety of highway autonomous driving provided by enhanced INS/GNSS capability (using an OxTS RT3000) and precision lanes model applications. This expedition tested how these technologies operated across a wide variety of terrains, weather, and driving conditions.

Sara subsequently reported the performance of the RT device as,

OxTS Webinar with VSI Labs

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