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Webinar: 3D TARGET Scanfly: the product & the workflow

Webinars April 17, 2020 Webinar

Join Paris Austin, Business Manager at OxTS, and Paolo Girardi, Sales Director at 3D Target, as we look at Scanfly: The Product & The Workflow.

We are excited to host our system integrator partner, 3D TARGET, as Paolo Girardi will introduce Scanfly (the payload LiDAR not only for UAS), showcasing all the steps from the field to the pointcloud generation.

During the webinar we will take a closer look at the hardware components, including OxTS’ own xOEM550 INS boardset, to the software tools needed to easily create consistent geo-referenced 3D data (with or without RGB colourisation).

The webinar will also present some case-studies (powerlines, roads, forest, etc) made by drone or other land vehicle. Consequently providing attendees with the knowledge required to create their own system.

We recommend this session for users who are looking for an accurate, complete and flexible LiDAR system.

After attending you’ll:

  • Be able to understand the benefit of a fully integrated LiDAR payload solution – Scanfly
  • Know the process from the survey to the pointcloud generation
  • Understand the benefit of the use of the right components

If you missed this session, you can watch a recording via this link.

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