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Webinar: Beyond GNSS – using alternative aiding sources with Generic Aiding

Webinars November 26, 2020 Webinar

Join Iain Clarke, Senior Product Engineer at OxTS, to learn how you could utilise untapped potential in autonomous systems where navigation performance is critical, by integrating additional sensor data into the OxTS navigation engine through our Generic Aiding interface.



During the webinar you will:

  • Understand what Generic Aiding is
  • Learn how it can speed up integration of new sensors
  • Explore the potential for allowing navigation in new environments
  • See some example results with different sensors


This session was presented live on Thursday 26th November at 14:00 hrs (GMT).


If you missed this session, you can watch the recording here.




Learn more:
  • Learn more about a ‘day in the life’ of your presenter. Read Iain’s blog here.
  • What is Generic Aiding and how can it help your project? Find out here.
  • Find integrated solutions that can support you and your customers.
  • To register to participate in forthcoming OxTS support and training webinars, or to view recordings of sessions we’ve already presented, please follow this link.



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