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Webinar: How do you create a 3D pointcloud?

Webinars October 13, 2022 Live digital presentation

The use of LiDAR in Survey and Mapping applications is on the rise. Accurate 3D pointclouds can be an invaluable resource for geospatial surveyors, streamlining survey operations and in turn saving time, money and effort.

However, creating a 3D pointcloud can be difficult without the right combination of hardware, software and most important of all – knowledge.

On Thursday, 13th October 2022, OxTS Product Engineer, Jonathan Deacon gave an insight into what is needed to create the most accurate pointclouds possible.

During the webinar Jonathan shared his experiences when creating pointclouds
and discussed:

  • The hardware components required to build a LiDAR mapping payload whether on a UAV or mobile mapping vehicle
  • How software can be employed to enable smooth data collection and simple, straightforward georeferencing
  • The results you can expect to see



Watch the Recording

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