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Define the shape of your test vehicle with up to 24 points

Software Releases January 13, 2014

When testing and validating advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) with the OxTS RT-Range, test engineers can now define the shape of a target with up to 24 points. This ensures that the shape of a test vehicle, pedestrian or static target can now be defined as realistically as possible.

Previously, the RT-Range software allowed users to define targets as a polygon with up to 8 points. Increasing the number of polygon points to 24 ensures that even complex vehicle shapes can be specified and leads to more accurate tests.

The RT-Range is able to calculate the closest range from the hunter vehicle to the closest point(s) on the target vehicle. With the RT-Range Real-time Display, which is used for displaying the measurements by your RT-Range system, test engineers can see which points on the Target are nearest to the Hunter. Measurements like the lateral range, longitudinal range and the resultant range to the target vehicle are displayed in real-time.

RT-Range Real-time Display PolygonsImage: RT-Range Real-time Display showing polygon points 4 and 5.

Especially tests where it is important to know at which point another vehicle became “visible” to the vehicle sensors can benefit from this improved feature in the RT-Range. Tests like blind spot detection or collision avoidance at junctions are easier to perform when the exact shape of the vehicle is defined rather than using just a single point to define the target vehicle. The RT-Range can also compute whether a second target is visible and whether the radar should be able to identify it. The RT-Range even measures the percentage of a target as it emerges from behind another vehicle.

The obscured or hidden target feature is particularly useful when evaluating how radars track pedestrians as they step out from behind larger targets like cars. The RT-Backpack option makes it simple to mix vehicles and pedestrians in the same environment.

The RT-Range is the most complete test tool for the development of ADAS sensors and algorithms, giving more vehicle-to-vehicle measurements and more lane positioning measurements than any other competitive system. To find out more about the RT-Range, please contact us directly or contact your local representative.

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