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EcoCAR Mobility Challenge 2021 Review

Company News June 17, 2021

In May 2021, the eleven university teams competing in the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge took to test tracks across the US and Canada to validate various aspects of their vehicle performance, including CAV capability. Equipped with RT3000s – the industry standard GNSS-aided Inertial Navigation system – the teams proved that their adaptive cruise control systems execute an automated stop when in range of a target vehicle.

Since taking on the role of Contributor Sponsor in July 2020, OxTS has provided each team with a full complement of measuring equipment, including an RT3000 GNSS-aided inertial navigation system (INS). Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions and safety measures, OxTS also led several online training conferences and Q&A sessions to help teams test and validate their vehicle performance with confidence.

The EcoCAR Mobility Challenge’s Priyash Misra commented that they are, “really happy to have OxTS as one of our sponsors. With their support we have been able to provide students on the EcoCAR teams with hands-on experience with some of the best GNSS aided navigation systems that are widely used in the automotive industry. The teams used these tools to measure the performance and validate the perception system, sensor fusion and Adaptive Cruise Control algorithms on their Chevrolet Blazers.”

Simon Thompson, Senior Business Manager at OxTS, is “pleased that the teams were able to complete their competition testing with such success. Almost every aspect of how we hoped to support the teams had to adapt, due to COVID-19 restrictions, and it is a credit to everyone involved – the organisers, our fellow sponsors and most importantly, the teams – that the competition was able to go ahead safely and successfully. Everyone at OxTS is looking forward to supporting Year 4 of the competition and we’re hopeful that this will involve seeing these achievements in person.”

Find out which teams picked up awards at the EcoCAR Mobility Challenge Year 3 competition below:

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