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Explore the virtual showroom

Company News November 1, 2021

The new OxTS Survey and Mapping virtual showroom has arrived – offering customers a new way to explore applications, products and services.


Visitors can explore:

  • The applications we can assist with
  • The use cases for our products
  • Our resources (webinars, industry articles, quick start guides and more)
  • Our hardware and software products
  • OxTS INS LiDAR integrations
  • INS set-up on a drone (3D model)
  • INS set-up on a car (3D model)

OxTS Survey and Mapping virtual showroom


Visit the OxTS Explore Survey virtual showroom


In addition to exploring for themselves, customers can request a guided tour and our team will be pleased to arrange a convenient time to provide expertise on a one-to-one or group basis around the showroom. If this is of interest, please contact us to arrange your tour.



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