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First RT2000 Inertial and GPS system shipped

Company News May 12, 2006

We are proud to announce the shipment of the first RT2500 Inertial and GPS system last week. The RT2000 product family was officially launched at the Automotive Testing Expo 2006 in Detroit and we are pleased to be able to achieve our first sale so soon after the launch.

Competitively priced at around half the cost of an RT3100, the RT2000 products are now the entry level Inertial and GPS navigation systems and will be the ideal choice for customers who require a balance between price and performance. With the RT2500 we are getting close to the cost of high-end GPS-only systems. The RT2500 has the advantages of high bandwith, low noise and additional measurements like roll and slip angle. Of course, it has a high, 100Hz update rate too.
The systems also improve the performance over GPS-only ones by providing accurate velocity in urban or tree-covered environments. The drift common to conventional Vertical Reference Units (VRU) or Stabilized Platforms is corrected automatically so that the RT2000 family products can be used indefinitely without drifting or needing to be reset.
The RT2500 is compatible with the popular RT3000 products. The RT2500 makes all the mesurements of an RT3000 system and outputs them over CAN, Ethernet and RS232.
If you are considering using a high-end GPS to test your vehicles then you should look at the RT2500 as it will give you clearer data and more measurements, without costing a lot more money.
For more information please visit the RT2000 webpages.
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