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Four Targets in real-time from one RT-Range Hunter

Software Releases July 7, 2008

285_RT-Range4TargetsBy supporting up to four Targets the RT-Range is able to deal with more complex ADAS tests. The Targets can be other vehicles, RT-Backpacks for pedestrians or Fixed Points. Swapping one Target to another is fast, individual Longitudinal Range Offsets can be set for each Target and, as always, all measurements are output on the CAN Bus with no delay.

Supporting the additional Targets is easy using the latest software. The IP address of the RT3000 is entered in to the RT-Range software and downloaded to the RT-Range. The configuration can be changed on the fly without resetting the RT-Range.

When the Target is configured as a Fixed Point, each Target can have a different location. Longitudinal Range Offsets for each Target can also be set independently, so can the offset from the RT3000 to the Bulls-eye on the target vehicle.

We have found that the AdHoc mode of the Wireless LAN is required when using more than three RT3000’s. It is simple to change the mode of the Wireless LANs, please contact us for documentation on how to change the Wireless LANs. We have tested the Wireless LANs up to 500m without problems though the recommended range should still be up to 200m.

The RT-Range Real-Time display has been changed so that it can display the range information for all 4 Targets. The CAN Bus has additional identifiers for all the Targets. A new tool in the RT-Range Configuration Wizard computes the bus loading of the selected CAN messages, which is useful since most ADAS testing is performed on CAN Busses that are heavily loaded.

This extension to the RT-Range software opens up many more testing opportunities and makes it possible to test more complex and more realistic scenarios.

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