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GPPPS message output

Software Releases October 29, 2012

With the latest software release the Inertial+ system can now output NMEA GPPPS messages over the serial port. The GPPPS (Pulse Per Second) is a non-standard NMEA message which is useful for integrating the Inertial+ with other devices such as cameras or laser scanners. This message, which is especially useful for system integrators, contains useful information such as the PPS count, the UTC time of the current PPS, and other time-related information.

480_GPPPSmessages (1)

GPPPS message type added to the list view of NMEA tab in I+Config.

The Inertial+ is a high accuracy inertial navigation system which can be combined with a GPS receiver to measure continuous, jump-free position as well as highly accurate measurements of velocity, heading, roll and pitch. The Inertial+ system is already used in many applications ranging from road profiling to airborne laser scanning and power line surveying. Adding GPPPS messages to the list of supported NMEA message types is another step in our continuous effort to make the Inertial+ even more attractive for our mobile mapping and surveying customers.

If you want to find out more about the Inertial+ or its NMEA GPPPS message output, please contact our Sales department.

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