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Improved ABD robot interface for EuroNCAP AEB testing

Software Releases January 13, 2014

AEB testing with a static target.The RT-Range is ideal for performing EuroNCAP autonomous emergency braking (AEB) tests with high precision and maximum reliability. With our latest software, it is now easier than ever to perform all required AEB tests with the RT-Range in combination with robots from Anthony Best Dynamics (ABD). An improved interface now allows data from a static target to be output to the robot during tests.

From 2014 onwards, new vehicles need to be fitted with AEB systems in order to receive a five star EuroNCAP rating. The introduction of AEB systems helps to avoid crashes altogether or reduce their severity by alerting the driver of an imminent collision and supporting the braking response.

Driving robots are recommended to conduct these tests as meeting the required tolerances and accuracies is difficult even for experienced test drivers.  The official test protocol requires precise control of the speed and lateral position of both the test vehicle and the target, as well as the distance between them. The OxTS RT-Range systems can seamlessly integrate with ABD’s in-vehicle robots for highly precise, reliable and repeatable test results.

As a major part of the AEB test involves a static target, we have now updated the RT-Range software to include a fixed point to be selected for output to the ABD robot. When testing with a static target only the RT-Range hunter box is used in the hunter vehicle and is configured to have a fixed point target. It is now possible to output data relating to a fixed point over the RT-Range-robot interface.

This new software update will allow test engineers, including those at Europe’s largest motoring organisation, to perform all EuroNCAP AEB tests with the OxTS RT-Range and ABD robots with ease and highest possible accuracy.

To find out more about how the RT-Range can help you test AEB and many other advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), contact us directly, or contact your local representative.

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