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Inertial+ can now take advantage of dual-antenna receivers and take heading from an external receiver

Product News July 22, 2015

With the latest NAVsuite release, it is now possible for the Inertial+ to generate heading information from an external receiver instead calculating it using the internal receivers.

The newest update of NAVconfig, which is included in the Spring 2015 version of NAVsuite, features a new option that enables the Inertial+ to take its heading information from a dual-antenna external receiver. The benefits of this to customers, besides simply meeting individual requests for such a feature, is a small reduction in the time required to acquire the measurements required to generate heading information and freedom to use larger antenna separations (up to the manufacturer’s limit). The larger antenna separation should result in better quality heading measurements.

An Inertial+ that is set to use externally generated heading information will still require an antenna to be connected to the primary internal receiver as this is used for internal timing purposes based on the 1 PPS pulse from GPS. The new external heading option can be found at the bottom of the GNSS Selection page of NAVconfig.

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