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Inertial+ interface to NavCom’s SF-3050

Software Releases August 10, 2011

200_SF3050The latest Inertial+ software release features an interface for the NavCom SF-3050 GNSS receiver. By combining the SF-3050 receiver with the Inertial+ navigation system you can remove jumps from the position measurements, increase the output data rate and include orientation measurements with your data.

The NavCom SF-3050 receiver supports GPS, GLONASS and Galileo. The SF-3050 allows reception of NavCom’s StarFire satellite based correction service providing better than 10cm positioning accuracy without the use of a base-station. Centimetre level accuracy can be obtained with a local base-station.

The Inertial+ is a compact, six-axis inertial navigation system specifically designed to make survey applications more accurate, reliable, and quicker. The Inertial+ can interface to an external GPS receiver to give continuous position and highly accurate measurements of roll, pitch and heading. The cost-effective inertial navigation system is designed to deliver smooth, jump-free position data even when faced with difficult GPS conditions found in urban or tree-covered areas. An additional odometer input from a wheel can be used to keep the measurements as accurate as possible when a GNSS signal is unavailable. Furthermore, the Inertial+ outputs its data at a high, 100Hz data rate with a very low latency.

Many surveyors have already combined their GPS receivers with the compact Inertial+ navigation system. If you would also like to benefit from the advantages of an inertial navigation system, please contact us today to discuss your individual application needs.

We have already integrated many other GPS receivers from leading manufacturers like Novatel, Leica, Topcon and Trimble into the Inertial+. To see a list of all integrated receivers, click here…

For more information on how to use the SF-3050 with the Inertial+, please read the integration manual or contact our sales department.


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