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Inertial+ interface to Trimble BD920

Software Releases October 31, 2012
180_180_TrimbleThe latest Inertial+ software release features an interface for the Trimble BD920 receiver module. The combination of inertial navigation system and GPS receiver has some striking advantages. The Inertial+ removes jumps in the GPS measurements caused by satellite constellation changes or multipath. It also increases the output rate to 100Hz and makes highly accurate measurements of heading, pitch and roll. These are essential for mobile mapping and other applications where cameras, laser scanners or other sensors are used. The Inertial+ system can output data synchronised to an external trigger or it can generate a distance based trigger for external cameras.
The Trimble BD920 is a GPS L1/L2 and GLONASS L1/L2 board with centimetre-level RTK positioning which has been specially developed for system integrators. The small GNSS receiver modules are designed to allow easy incorporation into custom mobile mapping solutions.
“Both the Inertial+ and the Trimble BD920 are predestined for use in vehicle-based and airborne mapping applications. Combined they are the perfect solution for all system integrators looking for continuous, jump-free position and high accuracy orientation data”, explains Ioan Cleju, software engineer at OxTS who spearheaded the Trimble BD920 integration. “Other features in the Inertial+ such as camera trigger and wheel speed input make it invaluable for mobile mapping applications.”

Customers around the world are using the Inertial+ in combination with a GPS receiver for mobile mapping, road profiling, or LIDAR surveys. Contact us today to find out how you can use your GPS receiver with the Inertial+!

The BD920 represents the latest technology from Trimble and the new Inertial+ model will be more suitable for the latest Trimble products compared to the older 5700 model. For more information on the Inertial+ and its integration with the Trimble receiver modules, please download the BD910/BD920 Integration Manual, visit the Inertial+ webpage or contact OxTS.

We have already integrated many other GPS receivers from leading manufacturers like Novatel, Leica, NavCom, Topcon and Trimble into the Inertial+. To see a list of all integrated receivers, click here…

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