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Inertial+ Post-processing Support

Product News October 16, 2009

OxTS is pleased to announce that the RT Post-processing tool now supports the Inertial+. RT Post-process blends the raw inertial measurements with GPS measurements in the same way as the real-time algorithms that run on the Inertial+. There are several main features that RT Post-process provides.

Downloading RD files. Using RT Post-process, the raw data (RD) files from the Inertial+ can be downloaded to the PC for storage or post-processing.

Correcting configuration problems. RT Post-process allows the configuration to be changed before running. If there are problems with the configuration then these can be fixed. We use this feature a lot for fixing customer data and showing how improved configurations can improve the accuracy of results.

Converting NCOM to CSV. RT Post-process can convert the NCOM binary format to text (CSV) so that it can be loaded in to other software packages. Different units and time zones can be specified. Part of the data set can be converted so that long data sets can be broken down in to shorter ones.

Post-processing GPS data. RT Post-process works together with Waypoint’s GrafNav to combine raw GPS measurements with base-station data and give more accurate post-processed results. Currently RT Post-process will only support this with Novatel’s GPS receivers. We are happy to add support for other GPS receivers and other GPS post-processing software if customers ask.

RT Post-process is optimally tuned to work with the Inertial+ products and the Kalman filter has been created specifically for the inertial measurement unit in the Inertial+. There is no better software available for combining the inertial measurements with GPS. And RT Post-process is provided free with your product!

For more information on using RT Post-process, contact OxTS.


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