Inertial+ software release – November 2012

Software Releases

November 7, 2012

Inertial+ software release 2012

We have made significant improvements to the Inertial+ software and added useful features. A new software update is now available which will include the following improvements:

180_180_LeicaLeica GX1230+ receiver integrated

The latest GPS receiver to be fully integrated into the Inertial+ is the Leica GX1230+ receiver. By combining yourGPS receiver with the Inertial+ system you can remove jumps from the position measurements, increase the output data rate and obtain highly precise orientation measurements. OxTS has tuned our compact inertial navigation system so that it is perfectly optimised for use with the Leica GX1230+. For more information on how to use the receiver with the Inertial+ see the integration manual for the Leica GX1230+ or contact our sales department. Read more…

180_180_TrimbleInertial+ interface to Trimble BD920

The latest Inertial+ software release also features an interface for the Trimble BD920 receiver module. The BD920 is a GPS L1/L2 and GLONASS L1/L2 board with centimetre-level RTK positioning which has been specially developed for system integrators. Both the Inertial+ and the BD920 are predestined for use in vehicle-based and airborne mapping applications. Combined they are the perfect solution for all system integrators looking for continuous, jump-free position and high accuracy orientation data. We have integrated many other GPS receivers from leading manufacturers like Novatel, Leica, NavCom, Topconand Trimble into the Inertial+. To see a list of all integrated receivers, Click here…

To read more about the BD920 integration, Click here…


180_180_GPPPSGPPPS message output

With the latest software release the Inertial+ system can now output NMEA GPPPS messages over the serial port. The GPPPS (Pulse Per Second) is a non-standard NMEA message which is useful for integrating the Inertial+ with other devices such as cameras or laser scanners. This message, which is especially useful for system integrators, contains useful information such as the PPS count, the UTC time of the current PPS, and other time-related information. Adding GPPPS messages to the list of supported NMEA message types is another step in our continuous effort to make the Inertial+ even more attractive for our mobile mapping and surveying customers. Read more…



180_180_AllChangesList of all Inertial+ software improvements

Everyone in our R&D department has worked hard over the last few months to improve the Inertial+ software and to add useful, new features for our customers. We have integrated two more GPS receivers into the Inertial+, added GPPPS messages to facilitate the integration with laser scanners and made some small bug fixes. The main changes are summarised here in our Inertial+ software release newsletter. If you would like to read the full list of software changes on our website, please Click here…


European Lidar Mapping Forum 2012

OxTS is going to exhibit at the ELMF, held in Salzburg, Austria from 4th to 5th December 2012. The booth will feature the Inertial+, a turnkey INS/GPS solution for airborne and land-based survey and mapping applications. The Inertial+ provides highly accurate position and reliable orientation data in real-time, even under the most demanding GPS conditions. The compact Inertial+ system is already used worldwide for applications like road profiling, airborne LiDAR surveys, and other mobile mapping projects.

See us on booth 25!


180_180_xNAVnewSneak preview: small, lightweight INS

OxTS will launch a brand new generation of its successful GPS-aided inertial navigation systems (INS). The newly developed xNAV200 is a very compact, small and lightweight INS, perfectly suited for all applications where size and weight as well as performance matter. The tiny system measures reliable, continuous position data at 0.9m positional accuracy. It also logs highly accurate heading (0.15°), roll/pitch with 0.05° accuracy and many other parameters at 100Hz. xNAV200 will have 24-hour data logging capabilities with a post-processing suite. Read more…