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Inertial+ supports GAMIT-GLOBK

Product News February 16, 2010

OxTS has developed a utility for supporting Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) GAMIT-GLOBK software with the Inertial+. GAMIT, GLOBK, and TRACK form a comprehensive suite of programs for analyzing GPS measurements primarily to study crustal deformation. The TRACK software can be used to accurately process kinematic GPS and achieve RTK quality position measurements. It is particularly useful with long baselines, making it perfect for aerial surveys. TRACK is popular in the academic community.

Combining the output of TRACK with the Inertial+ gives customers the option of getting high accuracy GPS when radios cannot be used for real-time corrections. Because the Inertial+ post-processing software can read the measurements from TRACK, the output of the Inertial+ will also be high accuracy.

Brendan Watts of OxTS explains:

“We have many customers using the Inertial+ for aerial survey applications where radios cannot be used. By including the outputs of TRACK with the Inertial+ the capabilities of the Inertial+ have been enhanced and our customers have a step change in the performance available to them.”

TRACK has been tested using data from the University of Alaska.

“We are very impressed with the results output by TRACK,” continues Brendan. “The inertial measurements provide a mechanism for assessing the short term variations of the GPS receiver. The data processed through TRACK gives very low innovations and no jumps, even using a long baseline.”

More information on TRACK is available at:

Contact OxTS Support for information on using the conversion utility.


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