Inertial+ Trimble SPS461 Test

Product News

October 18, 2009

The Trimble SPS series of GPS receivers are typically marketed to marine applications but they can equally well be used in other areas such as land and air. OxTS has tested the SPS461, a dual-antenna variant of the SPS family, and found that the Kalman filter model required matches the model used by the Trimble 5700 GPS. This is already modelled accurately.

The Inertial+ cannot use the dual-antenna heading data from the SPS461. Instead the Inertial+2 dual-antenna solution should be used. The other members of the SPS family, like the SPS551, SPS651, SPS751 and SPS851 use the same core tracking technology in the GPS receiver and their tracking algorithms are the same.

Many people who use the RTK features of the Trimble SPS receivers are interested in altitude measurements. Customer data from the Trimble SPS851 shows that the Inertial+ is very good at maintaining accurate altitude information in difficult GPS conditions.

















In this example the SPS851 cannot maintain RTK lock during this drive. Trees and bridges prevent the SPS851 from measuring the altitude accurately. The Inertial+ output doesn’t exhibit the large jumps in altitude and merges back seamlessly with the SPS851 when it regains RTK lock.

For this data the Inertial+ was configured to use the Trimble 5700 GPS receiver and the SPS851 was configured to output GSOF messages. This is the best way to configure the SPS851, or any of the other Trimble SPS receivers, to the Inertial+.

For more information on how the Inertial+ can be used with the Trimble SPS family of GPS receivers contact us to learn more.